Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wash Wednesday

The colours of these items just caught my eye. Remember the scene in "American Beauty" where the reclusive boy next-door shows a film he took of a plastic bag caught in a wind current? That's all I could think of as I took these pictures...the beauty of their changing shapes in the wind.

The scarf...oh, dear scarf. My lovely friend Agnes, knitting and gardening mentor, who was a pioneer in her own right though maybe not in the way you'd expect, gave me this scarf. It was given to her by an Indian co-worker, about 40-odd years ago; she used the sari fabric to make a lovely tailored dress (fitted bodice, full skirt) that I now have in my closet. This scarf was a tacked-on embellishment on the dress. I took it off and wear it wrapped around my hair all the time (see Garlandy Goodness post!). It's especially precious as Agnes is now in the hospital. More on that another day.

The dress I picked up before I was married, before I had kids. I just couldn't resist it, and hoped I'd someday have a little someone in my life who would wear it. And what do you know? It fits Violet to a tee.

Two very special, very ordinary garments, side by side on a beautiful breezy day. Hope this week brings lots more wonderful clothesline weather!


  1. LOVE those shots! Did I mention I wanted a clothesline for my birthday? Such hard women to please, we are!

  2. I love the story of your scarf -- I had no idea that it had a history. And I want me some of that breeze!

  3. I want to know how Agnes is doing, (I've had her on my mind and just don't know how to help out) We should really put together some meals for her upon her return home...let me know what you think she'd like us to do for her.

  4. I brought that scarf in off the clothesline last week and ran the iron over it and wondered where did that scarf come from?I've seen you wear it so often.It's so beautiful on you.Nice story!


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