Saturday, May 15, 2010

Welcome Home, Tiny Star

"And the child came gently to the
Warm embrace of family
And they kissed the child and sang
A welcome song.
Promising to nurture, guide, and
Celebrate this precious new life.
And their joyful song was heard
In every grateful home
By sunlight and twilight
In this moment and all moments:
We are glad you are alive.
You belong here with us.
Welcome home, tiny star".

Today we celebrate the fifth birthday of our oldest child, Jude River. I laboured all day at my cousin's house in Ottawa, and at 3:45 pm my husband, midwife, sisters, and I welcomed this sweet little boy into our world. He cried and cried, and we sang and rejoiced at his lovely dark hair, long feet, and healthy voice.

Today this beautiful boy loves Spiderman, Transformers, his toolbox, dragons, climbing trees, writing messages, helping his dad, cuddling with his mom, fighting with one sister and giggling with the other.

When he crawled into bed with us early this morning, we wished him a happy birthday and he said, "I'm 5 now?", the wonder in his voice capturing all the potential magic of the year that lies ahead. He curled against me, long skinny arms, pale skin, little boy chest, and freckled nose, and my breath was taken as it was when I held his small, slippery body for the first time. 

Six years ago I had no idea he'd come into my life, and today I can't imagine my life without him.


  1. Happy 5th birthday, sweet soulful (and once solemn) Jude! Five *is* a magical year. You're a bona fide big kid now, with all of the wonder that this new status bestows.

    Much love,

    The Wabi-Sabi Homesteaders

  2. happy 5th birthday Jude River and happy 5 years of being a mama! He looks like a beautiful and soulful boy.

  3. What a beautiful recollection.
    It is a magical time.

  4. Happy Birthday, Judie Boodie and Mama and Papa! What a joy it was to witness the birth of my first nephew! Loved this entry......

  5. Congratulations, Jude! And may the force be with you this year!!! (Yes, Star Wars, I know, but I bet you'll start to love those heroes as much as our kids do here ;) )
    We'll put your b'day on the calender, so that we won't forget it next year. Mommy, mail us the bdays of your other wee ones (and yourselves too), will you????


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