Friday, July 26, 2013

Hello, Again.

Wow, July.

I powered my way through an intensive four-week course, and am happy to say I now have my Kindergarten Part 1! Two more courses to go before I'm a specialist. It took copious amounts of self-discipline and a willingness to depend on others to get through it. My mom, a local teen, and my husband took over the childcare so I could work every day. It was worth it, but I'm glad it's done!

Simplifying our lives even further became a necessity: after getting everyone out the door for swimming lessons just once, I decided that was an obligation we'd have to let go for this summer. Thankfully, our neighbors have a pool and generously welcome us on hot days. I find the kids are learning to swim naturally and independently, and am amazed at the confidence and skills that grow just by playing in the water!

The baby is learning to crawl and will be moving in to her crib tonight for the first time after crawling off the bed yesterday. No major injuries...lots of tears and much self-beration by this mama, though.

As we head into August, and the beginning of our "real" holidays, my focus shifts to these sweet children and what they want to do for fun. We have plans to camp out on the lawn, attend their uncle's wedding, spend a week at a cottage with their cousins, and cuddle lots.

I've missed you! I hope to spend a bit of time catching up on what y'all have been up to so far this summer.

So long, July. It's been real.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Viva Lucha Libre!

You've got to admire these plucky fellows. It's not easy to put an opponent in a headlock when you have no arms. Your opponent just rolls effortlessly around the ring, making it difficult to pin him down, so to speak.

We, the audience, don't come for the fancy holds. We're here for the glamour and the drama...the sparkly masks! The fierce expressions! The tiny spandex undies!

When I commented over at We Bloom Here about the Luchadors we were creating here at the Homestead, she couldn't resist and had to join in the fun. Then we invited Hinterland Mama to come along for the ride. 

We created this Luchador Link Up because, well. That's what some kinds of blogging women do.

Please visit them here and here to see their creations. We encourage you to pin our photos to Pinterest as you like them, as we hope to spark a Luche Libre Peg Doll subculture. As far as we can find online, these are the first of their kind!

Viva Lucha Libre!