Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sewey Growy Homestead?

We've been more sewey-growy than knitty-gritty these days. Curtains for the kids' future room made from this beautiful, cheery thrifted fabric:

(Don't you just love those little chickens?)

and some "Birthday Crowns" (thanks, Soulemama) for my kids. Well, Jude's is still in the idea stage. But here's a sneak peek at Violet's:

(recognize those flowers? They're from the Black Apple doll I made a few weeks ago!)

I love the notion of having a special birthday box where we store crowns, fabric garlands, a special plate and mug to be used by the birthday girl/boy ONLY on his/her birthday. Almost like unpacking the Christmas ornaments, right? After the blur of the past 5 years of pregnancies, births, breastfeeding, and sleep deprivation, I have this recurrent image of myself crawling out of a cave, blinking in the sun, and thinking "Oh! I'm back!" But these traditions will be introduced early enough that my kids will not remember a time without them.

What I find so satisfying about sewing is that you get a product can make a set of simple curtains in one evening, for instance, whereas if you tried to knit them...well, you know me and my UFOs...


  1. That fabric is beautiful!!! I'm off to a craft market in a bit, and I hope to 'score' some vintage fabrics as well!!!

  2. love the crown...there goes my birthday idea for Violet, (damn!)

  3. I love the crown! Where did you get the pattern? My mother used to make us very similar felt "birthday crowns" when we were children, and I wonder if it was from the same source. I would love to make some for my sons just like she did, complete with sequins and coloured rhinestones! Beautiful!

  4. oh my goodness that fabric is fabulous!! I want some :)


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