Monday, November 9, 2015

There Goes the Train

It's been a busy fall!

In addition to kicking off a new school year with a whole new group of little Kindergarten students, I've been performing every weekend in a theatre production about local railway history with a wonderful cast of musicians and actors. I was in the original cast of Stone Fence Theatre way back in 2003, and performed for two summers before the demands of motherhood took over my life. 

It has been a whirlwind! The night before each performance I carefully paint my nails red in 1950s style. The fun and glamour of performing as a travelling company never wore off. Some nights we changed our costumes in a boiler room that reeked of oil fumes, and others we were offered vanity mirrors and change rooms with stars on the doors! I got to perform with my mother-in-law which was a hoot, and made some new connections that will carry on into "real" life.

I loved every minute of it. Singing with a band of amazing musicians backing me up, dancing in high heels, thinking on the fly, improvising, and connecting with the other actors while drawing the audience into the magic are all second-nature to me. I'd almost forgotten how much I loved being on stage, and backstage, waiting in the wings for my cue.

There will be no holding me back now that I've sipped at that excitement again!

Tickets are on sale now for Stone Fence Theatre's Holiday show, "Valley Vic and the Christmas Temptations", featuring my mother in law, husband, and son! Three generations of the family treading the boards...dreamy!