Thursday, May 27, 2010

First Beach Day

Monday was Canada's commemoration of Queen Victoria's birthday. We call it May Two Four weekend, because it falls around the 24th, AND people usually head to the lake with a TWO FOUR of beer. I giggle at this every year. If you're from the Ottawa Valley, you might even call it a Two Fer.

3 years ago on May 24, I was almost a week overdue with Violet. We headed to our favourite beach because I was restless, the house was as clean and prepared as it would ever be, and we wanted Jude to have some fun. Robin splashed with then-two-year-old Jude while I bared my belly to the sun and whispered welcoming words to our baby. I took a walk through the woods, looked at tiny tree toads with Jude, and hoped the exercise might bring things along. Violet was born the next day.

This year, the holiday fell on the 24th, so we once again headed to the same beach for the first time this year. What a joy to remember the day before Violet's birth, and enjoy our own rebirth as a summer time family. After putting in a winter in rural Ontario, that hot sand, warm water, and bright sunlight feels like Heaven. Heaven, I tell you!

Not to mention that this beach, a pristine, private, and secretive place, is the go-to destination for most of our friends and their kids! It's always a joy to walk down that winding forest path, emerging onto the beach, and saying, "Oh, look! So-and-so's here!" Off the kids go to find their chums. Watermelon and cold beers are passed around, boogie-boards and buckets are shared, and the kids play till the sun goes  down. I love these beach days/evenings, when everyone goes to bed with sand in their toes and bums, a bit freckled and sun-kissed, blessedly exhausted from lots of water, sun, and play.


  1. That sounds like an absolutely perfect day. That beach looks fantastic!
    Don't divulge any secrets as to its whereabouts.
    Our go-to place on days like this past mOnday is Meech Lake....a bit of a drive, but not so bad and worth every minute. And ice cream on the way home from La Cigale....practically perfect in every way (except I realize for the gas consumed on the trip).
    Is it stinking hot where you are?

  2. Can't wait to go the beach with all of you. Sooner rather than later, I hope!

  3. Perfection mama! so glad you finally had a day at the sea!! love it!


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