Book Love

When my husband first visited me at my little one-room schoolhouse, he found the precarious piles of books balanced on every surface charming

Twelve years later, we've added to those piles by raising a family of readers. We now have children at various stages of reading development. Jude is into graphic novels and chapter books, which he is now able to read to himself. Violet and Margot will sit for hours if someone will read aloud to them, and they are now more interested in chapter books while also enjoying the many picture books we borrow from the library. Baby Norah loves board books. 

I'm a reader through and through, and at any given moment might be reading five books at a time (one for before bed, one while eating, a few non-fiction/instructional books, one for while in the get the picture). We love to read. 

Here's what we're reading (and loving) these days:

Picture Books:

Chapter Books:

Graphic Novels:

For the Grown Ups:

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  1. I grew up on Laura Ingalls. Still some of my favourite books. I loved picturing them jumping on stumps in Little House in the big woods.


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