Monday, May 10, 2010


I believe in animal rights, and high among them is the right to the gentle stroke of a human hand. ~Robert Brault

We had the joy this past weekend of fostering the Grade 1/2 class's guinea pig, Jasper. He is a gem, I tell you...a perfect guest: calm, gentle, adaptable, and easy-going. With him came this book:

We LOVE Charlie and Lola, although in our house, they are not "as seen on TV". We only know them through their delightful books.

There's something irresistible about watching your children respecting, caring for, and bonding with an animal. Those childish hands, so careless and clumsy at times, become gentle and sensitive; that little face, too often tear-streaked and contorted with tantrummy rage, is transformed by tenderness. It seems to me that every childhood journey should be shared with at least one four-legged companion.


I think maybe it's time I give the OSPCA a call to see if they have any wayward "mini-pigs" up for adoption.

How has a pet transformed your family's life?


  1. chickens...horses...and now guinea're on your way to being stiff competition for waddles and wags, (I'll look into baby crocodile adoptions for you).
    :-) xo

  2. It was our intention with our 18 pound cat, Abby, to have a companion for Meredith. That didn't work out as I had expected but now I am wondering if a guinea pig would be the answer. He could sit on the tray of her wheelchair and I don't think they're too fast as far as getting away form Meredith.......mmmmmmmmmmmm.
    Loved this entry especially the photos!!

  3. We, too, recently looked after a guinea pig for two weeks. I should say, Sarah (our 11 year old), did for her friend who was on a trip. I was surprised at how nice a pet he really was. And Sarah stepped right up and took care of every need, cleaning the cage, feeding, keeping the water clean, putting in fresh fruit and veg, and lots of cuddling. I think this boosted her own sense of responsibility...and now she wants one of her own...

  4. I could not imagine life without our "furry children" (our dog and two cats). My husband had our dog, Lexxy, before we met, but she has bonded so readily with myself and our sons that it's as if she knew us just as long. She is so patient; she lets my eldest jump and play with [on top of] her, with only a grumble of annoyance. Even though at times the wee one may get frustrated with her if she doesn't play as HE wants, he always wants to go home to his "Lexxy-girl" whenever we are out. I look forward to the day (soon, I hope!) when we can add a second pup to the family (as unfortunatly our Lexxy is getting older), and then our backyard will one again be filled with the shrieks of delight as our boys do what boys do best: playing with "man's best friend."


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