Sunday, May 9, 2010

Then and Now, Here and There

A year ago today, I journeyed home from the hospital with our tiny girl, weary and homesick after 4 days without my older two.

This morning as they snuggled and wrestled like a heap of puppies in our bed, I rejoiced in the journey from then till now! Came downstairs to perennial plants they'd chosen themselves, homemade cards, paintings, and lovely words from my Big Love and Little Loves.
He always remembers the bellybuttons.

What has become a tradition on Mother's Day weekend is for me to go away for a day, a journey purely of pleasure. So yesterday I headed into the big city with my own mom and her friend, seeking wool and all things knitty.

Our first stop was wabi-sabi, a lovely, eclectic little shop on Wellington Street. Child- friendly, colourful, modern, with a Waldorf-y atmosphere; good selection of wool roving, books, and specialty yarns (hemp, silk, bamboo). I picked up a few skeins of Cascade for some Baby Surprise Jackets, lots of roving for a project with my students, and a wonderful's a secret for now (watch this space!)

Our next stop was Wool-Tyme, which was deceptively hidden away in one of those nondescript strip malls. What a great selection of yarn. I drooled over some Noro yarns, but eventually went for this:
Parenting and teaching small children inspires me to wear bright colours, in wild combinations. I couldn't pass up this ball of rainbow; it will become a shawl (tutorial to follow, in a future post). There's nothing like revitalizing your stash with a new colour, new texture, new pattern, or a new tip to help with a technique you want to learn. Stay tuned for adventures in lace-knitting...

After our journey yesterday, and a long cuddle in our bed this morning, we set out for my parents' house for the day; this is what I found on their doorstep:

Yes, that is snow. On Mother's Day. Which, just in case you were wondering, is in MAY. My paternal great-grandma used to say that if you rubbed May snow on your eyes, you'd have a lifetime of good eyesight. You just have to admire her ability to look on the bright side of things.

A day of cuddling, knitting, dining, napping, chatting, remembering. And at dinner, a toast to the mamas at the table (my mom, my grandma, my sister and I, my aunt), and those that have gone before. A toast to the beauty, power, and privilege of being mothers, and the strength and patience it requires. And finally, a toast to the men who made us mothers, and who support us on our mothering journey.

Lots of love to all mamas, would-be mamas, old mamas and soon-to-be mamas out there on Mothers' Day.


  1. Ooooh -- LOVE that yarn! Yes, that is what I'm taking from your lovely post.

    Happy belated mama's day!

  2. Love the birdie feet and the belly buttons!


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