Monday, December 11, 2017

Red Riding Hood

The years of aimless strolls with little costume-clad children seem far behind me. Our older kids have shifted into that time of life where we are constantly driving them to friends' houses, birthday parties, play rehearsals, and so on. So our youngest girl, our "surprise" is a reminder for me of those years of dress-up, of walks down the driveway that were full of adventure and imagination.

In November I had a day alone with my little Norah and vowed to let her dictate our schedule. This involved lots of cuddling, a bit of reading aloud of "Little House in the Big Woods" (oh, how I love sharing this beloved story yet again), baking of muffins without having to share the licking of the spoon with siblings, a tea party, and of course, a walk.

She led the way, telling herself a story as she picked grapes and leapt with her long legs over gaps in the rocks and giant puddles. Her velvet cape, thrifted last year just before she decided to be a fairy instead of Little Red Riding Hood, seemed to help her to soar. 

We returned home briefly to fetch her Milo Vest because the winds of late October were chilly. We made it just past the mail box before she complained that it was too cold, and that she was feeling a little scared to be "so far from home", so we headed back to snuggle up and watch a movie. We ate soup and muffins and sweet tea.

I finally have the space now to pause and remember the years when my bigger kids were littler, and to realise how beautiful and blessed those days were. I get to relive them now with my wee girl who is growing so fast, and that has been such a gift.

And today, she turns five.