Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Miss Violet Pearl Turns Three!

Three years ago today I gave birth to our first daughter. It sounds so simple...we can forget all that birth entails when we bake the birthday cake and tell our child to make a wish! Early labour...the excitement of knowing that sometime soon you'll meet your long-awaited (and in my case, overdue) baby, making those last-minute arrangements for your toddler, the drive to wherever you give birth (in our case, in my childhood bedroom at my parents' house), and accepting the inevitable work that lies ahead.

Then the many circuits around my mom's beautiful garden to get things going, renting a silly movie and knitting to distract from what was to come (I still can't believe my belly was that big), the excitement of my sisters as they arrived for the birth, the beautifully-prepared room, and eventually, that spiralling in to myself. I like to labour alone, with a cool cloth over my eyes, and no noise, scents, or physical contact. My mom set my husband to cutting the lawn, and running to the store for groceries; he was happy to have the distraction!

My sister is a doula and recognized the shift in my breathing and birth sounds; she called our midwife and suggested she come very soon. I tend to go very quickly after transition, and sure enough, when our midwife arrived at 6:35pm, I was starting to feel ready to push. By 6:53 pm, after 3 pushes, our first little daughter was born. We were all a little shocked by how quickly she arrived, and thrilled to welcome the newest wee girl to our clan.

We basked in the love and care of my sisters and mom for that first week. These pictures were taken when Violet Pearl was 3 days old. Notice the little Johnny-Jump-Up behind her ear!

Now our little miss is THREE! She was only 21 months old when Margot was born, and it has pained me to see her struggle with the challenges of being an older sibling. She has wicked tantrums, is so stubborn and single-minded, and screams and cries so loudly we sometimes put her out on the porch till she stops. I work at compensating for the way my attention was taken from her by a sick baby at that important time in her life. We spend a lot of time together now.

She loves books and cuddling on my lap with her blanket. She loves talking to her toy horses and dolls. She loves the beach. She is a picky eater, and wears clothes that are size 24 months. She talks in her sleep. A lot. She scratches and bites her big brother and ignores her little sister. She is a mama's girl. She drives her father crazy because they're so much alike, and melts his heart when she cups his face in her tiny palms and smooches him slowly on the lips, her eyes closed. She loves to be naked.

This wonderful, star-filled, powerful little woman of mine. How I love you and celebrate the day you came into our family! You make me laugh and smile every day, and to be honest, you also infuriate, perplex, and worry me every day. I am so excited to see who you turn out to be someday.


  1. My heart overflows at these photos of Sweet Violet, and the words and my own memories of her birth. I am so blessed to call this child "Niece". I want to crawl right into the photos and smooch her face and hug you, my baby sister. Happy Birthday, Violet and Happy Birthing Day, Stephanie!

  2. How wonderful to read about your girl's birth! How beautiful she is! Happy birth-day to you both. I have to say that Violet Pearl is one of the coolest names ever! My daughter's name is Lotus Ruby--- so we both have daughters with flower first names and jewel middle names. How precious!

  3. Another heartfelt posting. I look forward to reading on and on.
    And a happy belated to all.

  4. We never stop worrying... But what promise in those eyes!!! Keep enjoying every second with that precious little girl!

  5. oops. sorry. I didn't mean a belated wish - I did realize that the celebration was today (I just typed toady instead of today HA).
    Heat exhaustion maybe.

  6. Happy happy birthday, sweet fierce Violet! Embrace "3", in all of its rainbow of expressions. Oh, and you had such an enchanting birthday party -- full of colour & giggles. Thank you :-)

  7. My predictions.....an activist of some sort, perhaps a country music singer ("Please welcome, Miss Violet Pearl!" applause) or a leader of some sort......changing laws, defending the rights of those who cannot defend their rights.....
    I can't wait to see who she grows into.
    Happy Birth Day, Violet (Vee-o-lay) and nice job mommy and daddy!


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