Friday, May 21, 2010

Best and Worst

Here's the best  moment of this past week:

I always dreamed of having a farm when I was little. My best days were spent at the farms of friends or cousins, leaping around in the hayloft or petting calves. So when I see my little farmer taking such delight in the daily tasks of feeding and watering, collecting eggs, dragging an empty water bucket behind heart just marvels at the realisation of my childhood dream. I experience a child's joy through her eyes.

The worst moment? Ummm...Jude saying, as I got out of the tub, "Look at your big fat bum, mom!" Haha.

No, the worst moments are the most human moments. There are a few. Telling the kids to SHUT. UP. all my attempts at peace-making, mediating, and refereeing having failed. When they're in the mood to scrap, they're completely irrational. And then, I'm completely irrational. Yelling at your kids is not effective parenting. But boy, it shocks them enough to stop them from fighting, even if it's just for a moment. And it sure releases some pent up stress, which is probably why they do it too. Tomorrow I'll try to be more patient. I'll be a better role model. But this past week: I shouted. Lots.

Each week I'll try to share my best and worst, partly because it feels good to get it off my chest (as a step towards forgiving myself for not being Supermom), and partly because I want give an honest representation. You KNOW it's not all crafts and gardening and clotheslines here. But sometimes it's easy to imagine that what you see on a blog is the whole truth, and not just a wee little, wonderful, snippet of my day.

So...go ahead and own the best AND worst parts of your day. It's all about balance, isn't it?


  1. Sounds like we had a similar kind of week....except it was mostly me who was cranky. Hazel is really good at playing by herself, and with two much much older siblings there is rarely any fighting.
    I love your intro about wanting a farm. I had the same kind of childhood and have wanted the same for my kids. Now with one approaching high school and the other university it seems that is one dream that won't be realized for years to come. Maybe once the grandkids come around.
    Have a great long weekend. I am happy to have made your acquaintance.

  2. Great post. We all have times of jangled nerves and heavy hearts--- it's part of being human, and it's definitely part of being a mom! I try my hardest to rise above my stress and deal with my children and life in a calm and effective way--- but oh, sometimes I'm at a loss and I'll snap at my kids/husband! Every night I vow to do better the next day! the high point of this week is when my son hugged me and said "mom, you are so wonderful, you are my precious jewel and I love you so much." Oh my, I swear that fuels my gas tank for days to come! The low of my week---three migraines in a row!

  3. Highs: Cashing in spa gift certificates and spending three hours getting pedi, mani, facial.....
    AND, my medically fragile child gained a whole pound in three weeks.....alleluia!
    Many highs this week for a change.......sitting here trying to think of a low and I can't come up with even one.....
    A good week here.

  4. This week was pretty darn good here at the Toadstool. My only wish was for a few more hours in the day because the work is seemingly endless...getting the garden in takes up a major part of our life...and we still have to homeschool and take care of the animals, fix up the sheep fencing...the list goes on and on and on...oh, and this weekend I have to work every day...Fri, Sat, Sun and Monday!!!

    Working in paliative care has really given me a new perspective on life...seeing the fragility of our human body and how quickly we can be taken out of this life. Makes me feel more willing to be patient with my family, and to enjoy the intense miracle of being alive!!
    That being said though, I still falter...I like to refer to myself as a "work in progress"!

    Thanks for sharing the good and bad!
    Maureen xo

  5. When I sometimes choose to say things or use words that aren't the best my daughter reminds me by saying: "That is tipping my bucket mummy." So, it reminds me to help fill it back up again. (With sparkles and rainbows of course!)


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