Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Solstice Sun Pendant

Ah, the days of strawberries, barbeques, camping trips, bonfires, and beach days are upon us!

Let's celebrate the lengthening days with a sweet, simple craft: Solstice Sun Pendants!

You will need:
*wool felt in "sun" colours
*embroidery floss in "sun" colours
*scissors and a needle
*beads and sequins (optional)

I traced a bottle camp to create the red centre, then cut out two larger yellow circles.
Stitch a spiral onto the red circle, and add a bead and/or sequin to the centre if you wish. These are for my little girls, and I know they'd love the sparkle and shine of embellishments.
Stitch the red circle to one yellow circle, then use a contrasting thread to stitch a zigzag (sun ray) pattern around the outer yellow circle. Again, add beads if desired.
Using the blanket stitch, sew the second yellow circle the to back of your creation for sturdiness.

This could be put on a string with bright beads to create a Solstice Necklace, or a safety pin could be added to the back to create a pin. You could make smaller versions to create earrings, or make several to create a mobile! The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Join me tomorrow, where I will share another Solstice activity!


  1. This is beautiful! I have some pin backings, and may try something similar...

  2. Lovely! Am I crazy to think I could do this with my girls this week? I love it and Solstice is kinda special to me...:)

  3. such a lovely way to celebrate the solstice!

  4. Lovely! I would make these into Hairclips....

  5. lovely! I wish I had seen these earlier- we have 200 school children attending our National Aboriginal Day/ Summer Solstice Celebration Thursday at my workplace and we need some craft ideas for some of the older children. These would be perfect.

  6. Gorgeous!!!! I think I'm going to make some necklaces...you've inspired me to bring even MORE sunshine in!!! xo maureen

  7. Your handwork is so beautiful. Your whimsical sun is full of charm and warmth. Makes me smile.


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