Thursday, June 14, 2012

little helper

There's just something about five.

She has more patience for her little sister. 
She asks hundreds of questions a day.
She tells jokes, and has a million stories to share.
She has her own little friendships, and is well-liked by her classmates.
She dresses herself with originality and style.

And she wants to help.

This means a very wet floor and counter. It also means that while I made dinner, she learned a new skill, and did it with care and attention.

Her little face lit up with pride when I praised her, and she learned that by helping, she freed me up to do a craft, cuddle up with a story, and just spend time together before Daddy and Jude got home from school.

This little girl is five now, and I'm loving it, and her, so much.


  1. Yes you are SO, SO right. And what a doll she is. LOVE this photo and her proud, happy face. Having J eager to help me with Sunday's cook- fest before the week starts is a whole new facet in our relationship and I love it, too. I remember "five" and it is awesome. Enjoy!

  2. Just wanting to thank you for your blog, I have been enjoying it for many months now- your writing is so honest and full of love, your pictures the same. Greetings!

  3. Sniff...for some reason this got me all teary!! What a beautiful picture!!

  4. I love 5. I am always surprised at how much FUN we have chatting, working and relaxing together. They are really thoughtful at this age, and it makes you stop and appreciate all the small things in life.

  5. What a great photo! I love it. It comes and goes way too quickly.

  6. Such a lovely photo, love it!!! You have me looking forward to 5 now :)

  7. my youngest will turn 15 this summer, but if there is any vivid memory I have pertaining to 5 year old's it is their jokes! Roll on the floor, howl till they cry humour to them leave the rest of us baffled. Loved them.

  8. You captured the "pride" perfectly in this photo! Glad you are teaching her how to help as you are going to need it! Children do rise to the level of our expectations...most of the time we just don't put the bar high enough! Good luck and have a restful weekend!

  9. I have a 6 year old daughter, she is a good helper too. This post is wonderful, you captured the joy of being mama. :)

  10. That's fantastic. She is also preparing herself with skills to be self sufficient wen she leaves that lovely nest one day.


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