Monday, June 4, 2012

the shoulder of the road

There's something about a field in Spring, lush and green, that always calls me to pull over on the side of the road. Wild daisies decorate the new grass, and if there are hooved critters afoot, all the better. These characters live just down the road from us, and after a moment's quiet observation of me, they all approach for a soft word and a scratch around the ears.

Life is full of potential for peaceful moments in the midst of chronic busyness. When is the last time you slowed down, or even stopped to enjoy some small beautiful thing?


  1. We do this often. As a family we have discovered we all enjoy life and each other more if we take the time to slow down and enjoy the small things.

    Beautiful pics.

    My little man and I actually stopped and watched the horses this morning. Some mamas and their babes were out and enjoying the day.

  2. That is quite the mix of animals! Is that a minature donkey or just looks like one next to the horses? I am always afraid to stop with someone else`s animals incase they get mad. I don`t know why, no one ever has! LOL!

  3. This made me smile. Thank you!

  4. Sigh. So lovely, Stephanie. Must have been a rejuvenating visit with that charming crew.

    You know what my problem is? Getting *going*. Too caught up in the enjoying. Whaddaya mean there's stuff to get done? I don't think so. There are things to be savoured. To be explored. To chat about. To smell. To touch. To be photographed ;-)


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