Monday, June 11, 2012

Oh, Wow.

I heard the baby's heartbeat at the midwife's office today. Like I said, wow! I can wholeheartedly report that the thrill I got when I first heard that swish-swish-swish was in no way lessened by the fact that this is my fourth baby. It is a miracle, plain and simple. After all our heart-related drama with Margot, it gave me a very primal, protective thrill to hear that ancient sound. Isn't it bizarre when you consider that pregnant women have TWO hearts inside their bodies? Of course, if you have children, you know what it is to have your heart walking around OUTSIDE your body.

I got the great news that all my bloodwork was perfect, as was my blood pressure. An added and unexpected bonus is that I've actually LOST weight...thanks to the nausea and my determination to eat more healthily to grow the strongest baby I can.

In about three weeks, I'll have my 18-20 week ultrasound. I was set on finding out the baby's sex, and now I'm not entirely sure! I like the idea of preparing Jude for the possibility of another sister (he claims he doesn't mind, although he tells me he's hoping for a sister so that he'll actually get a brother...reverse psychology, anyone?). I enjoyed knowing Margot's sex before she was born; we named her, and we all felt very connected to her even before we met her.

Still, I also like the idea of my husband announcing the baby's sex upon his/her birth.

Maybe I'll find out and keep it a secret.

Who am I kidding? I'll have him/her named the same day and will tell everyone I know.


  1. Oh, the heartbeat - SUCH a magical moment. Makes me weep whenever I first hear the heartbeat. It somehow makes the pregnancy - the growing baby - feel so REAL. Such a profound blessing.

    I am SO happy for you, lovely mama.


  2. Wonderful news, so glad to hear this wonderful news and that your pregnancy is healthy and you are feeling well.

  3. Such a magical moment when you hear your baby's heart beat, doesn't matter how many children you have. So very happy for you.

  4. How wonderful! I heard about a fun way to find out the gender rather than finding out from a random ultrasound tech in the hospital. Have the technician write it down on a piece of paper and seal it in an envelope. Then you get to choose when and how you open the envelope (quietly, just you and Robin... with the kids... with extended family...or never open it... whatever). I heard about this the evening after finding out Luke's gender and wished I'd done it this way.

  5. We found out during the ultra sound for our amnio. I thought there was nothing better than hearing her heartbeat at every appt. Due to the high risk pregnancy we had a lot of ultra sounds and I enjoyed seeing pictures of her every 6 weeks. You will figure out by your next appt what your plan is! Good luck.

  6. How wonderful to hear that beautiful sound!
    Wishing you an amazing pregnancy.

  7. lol! Yes, I can honestly say I've enjoyed finding out the sex this time. It was a fun surprise last time, but I feel so connected to this baby (and never felt connected to my first until after she was born). Now we talk about "her" instead of "it" and I'm having so much fun thinking about names :) Are you with the Ottawa Valley midwives?

  8. If you find out there is no way you will be able to keep it a secret;)I can see the appeal of both the not-knowing and the knowing. It's entirely up to you - fun either way!

  9. You found out with Margot? I had forgotten. Well, either way will be exciting whether you find out now or then.

  10. Oh, how wonderful. I am a mama of 8 so I well know the joys you are experiencing. all the best to you! :)

    1. Eight?? Wow. Love and rest to you, busy mama!

  11. Is there any way you would do me the honour of allowing me to use that first paragraph in my book? The comment especially about walking around with your heart on the outside is just so amazingly true. You are beautiful x


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