Thursday, June 28, 2012


The season is fleeting, so you have to grab at it as soon as you see the "Now Open" signs at the strawberry farm. A sun hat, a blue sky, a bottle of water, and some baskets are all you need.

 The help of a patient aunt is helpful, too.
 In an hour, we have four baskets, stained, scented fingers, and tummies full of berries.
In a few more hours, we have jars of jewel-red jam. Yes, the fruit floats as it always does when I make jam. I don't mind. I don't make it because it looks pretty (although that's a bonus)...strawberry jam makes me want to bake a loaf of homemade white bread, slather a slice with butter, and top it with a thick spread of homemade jam. Mmm...


  1. they sure are pretty! makes me want some of that baked bread, too!
    happy summer

  2. That does sound good. Can't beat bread with butter and homemade jam!

  3. Good for you, to have all that energy! We picked strawberries, too, but I didn't have it in me to make jam, as I'd planned. So I just froze them instead. :) Smoothies!!!

  4. right!
    making jam has been on my to-do list for...years...
    is there anything you DON'T do?! ;)

  5. Yes, I am with you, Kelly......this patient aunt went home and dealt with only two baskets which went promptly into the freezer. It was a wonderful morning to share with your sweet children. xo

  6. Ha ha, you captured it perfectly: After I'm done making strawberry jam, I HAVE to make a loaf of white bread and eat it with butter and jam!

    My first year making jam it all turned out perfect, but since then I've been having pectin issues and my jam just will not gel. Argh! I'll give it another go this year. :) (I like the floating berries as well.)

  7. Aunt S said you must cook it longer to prevent the fruit from floating......


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