Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Celebrating the Sun: With Flowers

Just down the road we follow the signs to our favourite greenhouse.

It is a faery land of sweet doorways, shadowy nooks and crooked crannies, stonework steps and handpainted signs...just where you'd expect to see two sun faeries in search of sun-coloured flowers.

We choose as many orange and yellow flowers as we can fit in the car, and wait for Grandma (who has been instructed to wear yellow) to arrive for our planting party.

Violet and I agreed that we couldn't leave these pink baby's breaths behind just because they weren't yellow. We decided that they're the pink of dawn and sunset.

Big hands guide little ones to fill pots and pots with our flowers.

And our front step is Solstice-ready, with containers overflowing with warm, sunny goodness.

Join me tomorrow to see what we made for our Solstice lunch...we celebrated a few days early, as we are going berry picking tomorrow!


  1. Oh I just LOVE this post! Gorgeous photos: the colours and faces and the nursery - SIGH. I would like to catch my breath long enough to celebrate Solstice with my girls. I want to make crafts and plant flowers, too!
    Maybe on Sunday...

  2. Such a magical place - and your girls look so cute in their outfits and pendants! Cute, cute photos - they capture the essences of summer solstice!


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