Tuesday, June 26, 2012

anger + music =

On this day, he wanted to be a scientist in a kitchen that was already an explosion of sugar, strawberries, stickiness, and dirty dishes after our jam-making experiments. 

He got so angry. Thumping fists, yelling, protesting that I never let him do anything.

After several calm attempts to creatively solve the problem, I finally threatened to chase him outside with a broom if he didn't cool it. 

Then I suggested a set of earphones and Rage Against the Machine.
A few air guitar solos, some rock-kicks, and several swear words later, he was back to his old self.

Music is medicine to his parents' souls, so why not to his? Some might question whether or not Rage Against the Machine is "appropriate" fare for a seven-year-old. I say, it did the trick, dispelled his anger, and brought my curious, sweet, reasonable little man back into the kitchen. He knows that grown-ups shouldn't swear, but that we do anyway, and that he's not allowed to.

For now, his natural response to listening to Rage's rage-filled riffs while kicking over a kitchen chair or two (followed by giggling) is enough medicine for this guy.

I never found that time outs, punching a pillow, or deep breaths worked for him anyway.


  1. I agree so so much that angry raging music heals too! : check out this article I wrote for EOS magazine, using my real name (Paula Cleary) :-)


  2. Best advice the pediatrician ever gave: "If she's gonna beat on things, give her a drum!"

  3. It is so difficult for children to dispel anger and frustration. As the adults we tend to punish their purging.

  4. smart mama ~ music truly is medicine. xx

    1. Ditto. (Is it okay if I just lamely ditto?)

  5. That's awesome! I wonder if that would work for my toddler? She is filled with rage sometimes that really is overwhelming. I wonder if an intense song would help her?

  6. Thanks for sharing, your angry scientist sounds a lot like mine! I'll have to remember this musical remedy.


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