Wednesday, March 19, 2014

winter's last hurrah

Winter is having a last joke on us. 

A week before the first day of Spring, we in Eastern Ontario were slammed with a huge dump of snow. While I'm as eager as anyone for a breath of warm air or a scent of earth, I'm kind of selfishly happy to have a chance to wear my Dala Mitts a few times before the warm weather truly arrives.

They were made with Brigg's and Little Sport (from my stash). Ravelry notes are here. The pattern is a free one, though not for the faint-hearted. I have appointed myself, officially, as an expert knitter now that I've completed these. Next challenges to attack: steeking! Growing my own dye garden! Raising my own sheep! I tell you, diving into a too-difficult project and actually succeeding gives you confidence like nothing else!

No sooner had I finished my pair, that I cast on for the next pair in the same colours for a friend who insisted she must have her own. I'll knit them happily, knowing how much she'll love them...any horse lover would. But first, I'll be casting on for a pair of special mittens for a special someone who celebrates in April...because, according to the weather report today, we won't see true Spring till the last two weeks of April. 



  1. Your mittens are beautiful! Nicely done!

  2. Wow - those are some fantastic mitts!

  3. Happy Spring to the homestead! The dala mittens are stunning and I suspect you might be wearing them for awhile. Ontario has had such a harsh winter we are hovering around freezing today .

  4. Gorgeous. The mitts and the photos of your sweet babe! S.

  5. Yes you definitely are an expert! - fantastic mitts (love the nail polish).
    Steeking and hand dyeing with plant colors is on my to-do list also, unfortunately husband not into me having sheep - even a wee little one!! hope you get yours soon.
    Been snowing here in the alps for the last two days.
    Keep warm.


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