Wednesday, March 26, 2014

the dregs of winter, part two: snow play

Sometimes the only remedy for a winter that has gone on too long is to get out and play in the snow.

The littlest of the family watched attentively as her older sister created a snow-kid; if she knew how to write, I swear she might have taken notes on carrot-nose application. 

A whole-family snow ball fight made us forget that it was Spring, and I paused to breathe in the fresh, cold air. I nodded my respect to Winter and focused on savoring what I hope will be among our last wintry moments until next December.


  1. A family snowball fight definitely is warranted when winter has lasted as long as this one has (and I love winter, but still)! :)

  2. Snow in latest March-that's late in the season and unusual I would think. The note-taking is cute; that's how they learn tho by watching and listening so carefully to every little nuance and gesture. It's always surprising when they come out with a perfect imitation of me or hubby and yet, why should I be shocked ?~!

    Life is grand, thanks for sharing show pics-we don't have snow here ever.


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