Monday, March 3, 2014

birthday party on a budget: part two

Two things I'm generally short on lately are time and money. I wanted my five year old's party to be special. I wanted her to feel special because, hey, you only turn five once! 

With a bit of time, I created a corner that was worthy of a celebration for a wonderful little soul. 

This girl of mine is a real artiste. I dug out the huge Ziploc bag I use to store her creations, and created a wall gallery of some of her drawings. I cleared off a little shelf, and added some framed photos of special moments: nursing while she was a baby, cuddling her daddy, and eating cotton candy. 

Finally, I used push pins to suspend a large white silk play scarf from the ceiling. I dug out a bunch of star decorations from our Christmas box, and hung them from the ceiling as well. 

I didn't spend a cent on this. When she saw it, her eyes widened in wonder. She felt special. I felt happy. 


  1. Beautiful! I love the special space you created for her. A continued reminder that less is more and that it doesn't take spending kajoodooles to make your littles feel special. It's all in the attention to detail and loving intention. Love to you all! xx S.

  2. Amazingly simple and yet superbly special. Your creativity inspires.

  3. Beautiful! And so full of meaning. It may not have cost a thing, yet the riches subtly and warmly gleam.

  4. I love this. What great ideas!


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