Monday, March 10, 2014

the things we pass down

In a quiet moment, a life can be changed by the patient guidance of older hands that know a skill. Hammering a nail to make a birdhouse, printing the first letter of your name, counting blocks into a bowl, turning the pages of a board book, or knitting a stitch: these are the things we pass down to our children, along with freckles, skinny legs, or a double cowlick. 

When we can tune in to our child's "readiness" for learning a new (old) skill, we can find the perfect moment, a quiet moment, full of possibilities and empty of interruptions. It took a quiet moment this morning to pass the needles into my oldest daughter's hands. Now, as I type, she hums quietly to herself in the rocking chair, working away at her knitting and smiling lightly at this newfound knowledge. 

Her little sister paints the birdhouse we hammered together, and her littlest sister strums away at the guitar with her daddy.

The kitchen is full today, of the things we're handing down.


  1. I love this! I could feel peace and calm radiating from these photos!!

  2. That last line did me in.
    So happy that V is learning this skill and sharing in the pleasure that you take from it. Turn around, turn around...

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  4. Few moments in life compare to those of our kids wanting to learn that which we know and love. The deep-seated contentment that comes with transmission of our most-beloved culture fills our souls in ways little else can. thank you for the pictures.

  5. What a beautiful post! Thank your for sharing so beautifully what my heart feels! xoxo


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