Saturday, March 8, 2014

a wee cottage

The wee cottage welcomes all to visit, with a light glowing warmly by its green door. 
Merry yellow primroses bloom by the doorstep and the hinges and latch are 
hand-wrought of black iron.

A rowan tree grows by the door, to offer protection from evil spirits and ne'er-do-wells.

A tiny Aran sweater, complete with cables and a pair of socks with turned heels are hung to air in the Spring breeze, held fast with wooden clothes pegs.

Round windows with freshly painted green frames offer a view inside. What would one see? A table with a white cloth, set with hot tea and biscuits? A cozy peat fire? Perhaps a fiddle or a tin whistle laid by for an afternoon seisun with friends and neighbours?

A hidden storage space hides within, for spools of thread or wooden toys, or anything small and precious. Today, the pot of shamrocks that I've kept on my sill since last St. Patrick's Day seem the perfect fit.

This wee leprechaun cottage was crafted with love, for fun. I knitted Paton's Wool Roving for the basis of the house and roof, then hand-fulled them with hot water, soap, and agitation. Wool felt was embroidered for the windows and door. Brigg's and Little Sport was fashioned into the leprechaun's clothes with 2 mm needles. Everything else was needle-felted, except for the clothes pegs and rowan berries, which were  created with cotton embroidery floss. The roof and house are lined with wool felt, and the roof is stuffed with sheep's wool to keep its shape.


  1. Gasp! SO amazing!!!! Your artistry and attention to detail are exquisite. I adore every darling, beautifully rendered bit of it....and I love, love, love the hand-knits hanging on the line.

    1. Wabi-Sabi: You said EXACTLY what I was going to say. Great minds think alike :) It IS unbelievably sweet.

  2. Oh my goodness!! This is AMAZING!! My kids would claim it is a hobbit house...but I love the idea of a cozy for a potted plant! This is just the sweetest thing ever. (visiting from KCCO)

  3. What a beautiful piece of art! I LOVE the clothes hanging on the line--genius! (also visiting from KCCO)

  4. Oh, it is so beautiful! What an amazing creation :)

  5. That is so adorable! You are so crafty! :)


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