Tuesday, March 4, 2014

birthday on a budget: part three

This five year old of mine adores Little House on the Prairie. 

She sat, rapt, through chapter after chapter of Little House in the Big Woods through part of her fourth year and like so many girls before her, she felt that Laura Ingalls was a kindred spirit. We're now in the last chapters of Farmer Boy, and although all three of my older children were happy to hear of Almanzo's adventures (Margot calls him "Ol' Monzo"), they are looking forward to hearing about Laura again.

This doll was a joint project by my mom and me. Mom knew I'd bitten off more than I could chew when I decided to create a Laura doll for Margot's fifth birthday, mostly because I work full time and don't have a working sewing machine. First she offered to cut out the pieces. Then she thought she'd just start some of the sewing. By the time I finally made it out to her place, the clothes were beautifully finished (that bonnet!), and the doll's body was ready for assembly. 

I spent an afternoon at mom's stitching the doll's face, then finished her hair at home later that evening. 

It was with great joy and deep love that mom and I watched "our" little girl open her Laura doll. Then mom handed Margot a little bag. In it was a white nightgown and matching nightcap, sewn from antique cotton with hand-made lace edging its cuffs.

I can't imagine that the real Laura Ingalls would have been more excited when she received her first "real" doll that long-ago Christmas morning than Margot was with her handmade gift. When I put her to bed on the night of her birthday, it was with her Laura doll. She'd been changed into her wee nightie and nightcap. So very sweet.


  1. Oh my, how sweet can it get and still be life ?~! I love your tales and the way you are raising your family. How wonderful also to have your mom and dad so close by. Norah benefits hugely from their proximity and what joy to the rest of the family has been wrought by their grandparents so near and very dear. May the Laura doll bring many years of pleasure and comfort to her. Perhaps more clothes will join her nightie and cap as time passes. Childhood memories flit past my mind's eye as I read your posts and I thank you for that.

  2. The joy and comfort was about Margot-sorry for the lack of clarity. My comment about Norah was a non sequitur for which I apologize.

  3. Reading this made me start to cry and smile at the same time. Do you remember my Laura doll? I still have her in my trunk...

  4. Beautiful - in so many ways!

  5. This gift has given warmy fuzzys all around

  6. Laura Ingalls was my childhood idol. I'm so glad you love her too. I love your Laura doll.

  7. I love your mom too. And you. And your beautiful family. I remember the love I had for my Holly Hobby rag doll, and to think that M's doll holds the magic of having been created by loved ones. Wow!


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