Sunday, March 2, 2014

birthday party on a budget: part one

Here's a cheap, easy, and quick party favour to create for a child's birthday. It works particularly well for a four or five year old's party, as they're old enough (usually) to not put everything in their mouths, and really enjoy sensory play.

Buy fine sea salt at your local health food store. I got mine for less than $2 a bag containing enough salt to create two favours. Pour the salt in a bowl, and add drops of food colouring and essential oil, mixing and adding until you reach the desired intensity of colour and scent. I used lemon oil for the green salt, lavender for the pink, and peppermint for the blue.

Divide into 1 cup portions, and tie with string. Add a typed or hand printed label. Ta da! A quick, easy, cheap, and educational party favour!

When spread thinly over a cookie sheet, sensory salt makes a beautiful canvas for a small child to draw or write in. My Kindergarten students play with our salt trays on a daily basis, so I knew these "treat bags" would be a hit with my five-year-old's friends. And for less than a dollar a bag? Perfect!


  1. Thanks You for the original tips! You may be interested to see my Blog What2Gift - Gift For Kids Ideas

  2. Cool! I am sure M's friends LOVED their treats!

  3. Great idea. There was a post last week over at The Green Phone Booth looking for party bag ideas just like this.

  4. I think I would like to play with these salt trays myself. Like one of those mini-zen gardens with a tiny rake!
    The hand-printed name on each tag 'bout did me in. FIVE?? When did that happen??

  5. Totally love, love, love these! So much sensory and educational fun. You, my friend, are brilliant!

  6. BLESS YOU. This is such a good idea and I have an older sib who is extremely neeeeeeeedy right now and in need of a special new activity. This is PERFECT for both my energy and financial budget right now. Thanks for sharing!!!


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