Tuesday, March 25, 2014

the dregs of winter, part one: green play

When I woke up on Saturday morning to this
 my mind ran through the possibilities of free, creative play for my winter-weary children. I made a quick phone call, and off we went, sketchbooks and green markers and pencils in hand, to our local greenhouse

where we breathed in the green of growing things. Our eyes thirstily drank up the lush variety of leaf shapes, and some of us got up close to draw the designs of Mother Nature.

Everyone picked out a plant to take home (the kids ran towards the cacti, whereas I grabbed some pungent herbs to liven up our late-winter menu.


  1. What a great idea! We're hearing the rumor of another storm on its way to us. For as much as we love winter we are super ready for spring (here's to hoping the rumors of the storm are not true)! Spring in all her glory will be here soon! xo

  2. I agree with Shel... great idea! We're expecting more winter weather this week, I may just have to take a trip to the local greenhouse!


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