Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday Musings: Family

Joining in with Nadja at Patch o' Dirt Farm for Monday Musings!

Right now...There's a full pot of coffee hot and ready on the counter. The fire has been built up and we're trying to patiently wait for the house to warm up! Jude is chatting with Norah who is happy in her bouncy seat, and Violet is putting sticker clothes on a fairy drawing. Daddy and Margot are still abed (lucky souls!) and I'm working on shifting my thinking from "not enough sleep" to "adequate sleep to get through the day", thanks to Brene Brown and her book, Daring Greatly.

This Family Day weekend in Canada; Monday is an official holiday, intended to give families time together. Too bad we didn't get that day every week! On Saturday, Robin took the big kids to spend the morning and early afternoon sliding with their cousin. They enjoyed the bonfire, hotdogs and marshmallows and hot chocolate, and fresh air that accompanied the winter activity! When they got home, they were rosy-cheeked and delighted to find my sister Lana here with her two girls. 

They spent the weekend running around the house, rummaging through my old belly dance costumes, leaving a trail of discarded clothing throughout the house, drawing and wrestling and screaming and pretending as cousins do. 

We'd hoped to take them all skiing/snowboarding on Sunday, but the thermometer dropped below the -20 degrees Celsius mark  so we opted for some more sliding and a fire outside, here at the house.

I enjoyed the company of my sister, drinking wine, catching up, and watching Antonia's Line (my all-time favourite movie). I also enjoyed the afternoon nap I got on Sunday!

Some plans for this week: We're starting counselling this evening, to iron out some of the bugs in our communication skills as a couple. The rest of the week is quiet. I've started two great books as part of my goal to work through the old crap that keeps coming up in our lives, and to move forward. So, I'll be reading and resting, and nestling in for the last few weeks of February. I'll also be finishing up some knitting for late February/early March birthday girls (four of them!) 

If I find some time for myself, I would like to...well...the usual. I'd like to bathe, nap, read a bit, and knit a bit. Time for myself is at a premium these days, so even peeing with the bathroom door closed feels like a day at the spa. Haha!

I am grateful for...all the wood that's in our basement to get us through the last cold months. No winter colds so far (touch wood)! My down duvet and the snuggly baby I get to sleep with every night.

Something that makes me smile: The CamWow app that had my sister and I crying with laughter on Saturday night! 

My handsome, handsome son.

Hope your week starts with a giggle!


  1. Sounds like a great weekend. Good luck with the communication fixes. I think every couple should work on that! Have a great week.

  2. It sounds like a wonderfully, busy weekend. I'm sending a little prayer your way that some quiet time finds its way to you ~ to be used as you see fit at.that.moment! Have a good week! ~Paula

  3. Well, a holiday for MOST folks. But not me or my coworkers. Imagine how ridiculous it is to be at work and learn that even Walmart is not open! The agency does host a family activity in the afternoon though, so it's not all grim :-)

    Oh my goodness, I can't believe how big the cousins have grown. And so beautiful!

    The kids and I get a big, silly kick out of CamWow too.


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