Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday Musings: Birthdays

Joining in with Nadja at Patch o' Dirt Farm for Monday Musings!

Right now...I'm wishing I had another three hours' sleep. Violet and Margot are bickering. Jude is procrastinating with his get-ready-for-school routine. Norah is watching it all from her bouncy seat. The cats have just come inside, Robin is rushing around trying to get out the door, and I'm thinking about coffee. All is as it usually is on a Monday morning!

This weekend..we were invited to two birthday celebrations, both skating parties! Getting the kids out to socialize AND to get fresh air and exercise always helps the weekend pass more peacefully. Norah is in a new pattern of NOT allowing me to put her down at all during the day so I'm starting to feel exhausted, with a sore back and shoulders. Yes, I have several good slings and am pulling out all the tricks up my sleeve. I've been a bit spoiled by the fact that since her birth, she has napped for 2-3 hours every afternoon, allowing me to spend time with my older kids, fold laundry, make dinner, or rest now and then. I haven't given up hope that this is just a wee phase she's going through, although it's been four days of 20 minute naps in the sling and no naps on our bed!

Some plans for this week: I'm having to work on optimism this week. Margot will be four on Saturday, and I have lots to do to prepare for her birthday, even though it will be a simpler affair than her older siblings' fourth parties! Mostly, I want to declutter and tidy/clean a bit. Her rainbow horse is done and stuffed; it just needs ears, tail, and mane! I'm making a second one for her cousin who will turn four on Sunday (yes! cousins, born 1 day apart)...I hope to do a bit each day so that by Saturday, I won't have anything to do but celebrate my sweet girl.  

With that said, I just really want to absorb each moment with my girl in her last week as a three year old. She is such a joy, a credit to her name (her middle name is Joy). 

If I find some time for myself, I would like usual, I'd like to bathe at least twice this week. I'd like to have the energy to take off my mascara at the end of the day. I'd like to keep up with the laundry. A girl can dream, can't she? 

I am grateful for...the fact that my kids slept in till 7 in the morning on Saturday. This counts as a sleep-in in our house!

Something that makes me smile: Margot in all her incarnations...Super Undies Girl, a superhero who wears panties and her blankie as a cape; a beautiful belly dancer; a ballet teacher; a cowgirl who wears sparkly shoes and twirls a tape measure as her lasso...I can't wait to see what this week brings in terms of Margot's costumes.


  1. Four? She's turning four? Not possible.

    Good luck with your optimism, and getting rid of the clutter. I'm surprised that children don't leave the womb holding on to random pieces of paper ready to leave on your floor.

  2. I love reading the Monday Musings. It puts me right into your house where I think it would be lovely to spend the morning!

  3. 7 am is a sleep i n around here too, it's just about perfect. My daughter is turning 4 this weekend too, and hand knits will be gifted as well. I love the rainbow horse you made, it's got me thinking about knitting one up.


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