Tuesday, February 5, 2013

fridge door

Mementos from a trip, bits of philosophy, or tiny piece of artistic expression, the magnets tht adorn a fridge door perhaps can tell you as much about a new friend as the books on their shelves.
...a bit of Tolkien with a 50s flair...

...a daily reminder from our son, with the word magnet to reinforce the message...

...a magazine message, magnified by a dollar store glass blob...

...or a picture from a children's storybook, stuck on a sheet of adhesive magnet reminding  me to hang on to the goat-farm dream...

...a bit of textile beauty used to cover an ugly "ad" magnet, and my famous "three Newfie boyfriends" magnet...

Together, they hold up so much beauty: photos of loved ones, bits of inspiration, and especially the artwork my children create each day.

What's on your fridge door?


  1. my SIL had long held her dream of a goat farm. Last year she and my brother bought their first four goats and have added a few more since. She is in goat-bliss heaven!
    Hold onto those dreams!

  2. I love fridges. I remember stopping short in my kitchen once, staring at my fridge, and realizing that I really did have a family! It was right there on my fridge. It just sort of hit me seeing all the drawings and notes. I think I'll post my own fridge shots on my blog this week. xx

  3. Our fridge is covered in pictures of your family! (and our sister's, and brother, and parents and John's family, etc.) Also newletters from school, dance class and reminder notes. And artwork from Rheya, your kids and Meredith. I LOVE the idea of covering less-desirable fridge magnets with fabric. I usually just put those ones on the side of the fridge but no more!

  4. I never had much luck with things staying on the fridge...they would end up under the fridge! So instead I bought a huge bulletin board and I pin everything there...photos, artwork, notes etc. I change it up all the time.
    But I do have some magnets on the fridge...my favourite is the one that reads "No woman ever shot a man while he was doing the dishes."

  5. HA. The three Newfies! We went to the museum in Liverpool and there is a cut out with an extra person. You put your head in there. Those boys are charmers for sure!

  6. I love this post! So wonderful - we have cards from our family, special magnets, bits of paper with great patterns, and pictures of our loved ones - and maybe a recipe or two.

  7. Grimy finger prints, and a happy mess of papers - phone numbers, artwork, invitations. Photographs never seem to last on our fridge. They get whisked away by the kids. Your fabric-covered magnet, I had wondered if it held up. Glad to see that it did :-)

    I love your idea of photographing the fridge. Things that nourish our souls adorning the appliance that contains nourishment for our bodies.

  8. Kid's artwork, recipes, Zappa quote about deviation being the only way progress happens, quilt squares. Love from afar and handprints from near.

  9. Oh, I'm going to steal your inspired idea of sticking beautiful fabric over advertising magnets! That's wonderful. At the moment our fridge has magnets reminding us of our travels - London tower, red phone booth, Eiffel tower, New York memorabilia etc - holding up family photos and an every-changing kaleidoscope of children's art. Our son is too little yet to properly draw or paint, but our next door neighbours provide a constant flow of pictures, as do little nieces. Warmth in the heart of the home: the kitchen!


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