Wednesday, February 13, 2013

love bug love

Our house is infested...

with Love Bugs!

Inspired by the marvellous Margaret Bloom, I made my own versions. I couldn't get out to the store for flower stamen antennaes or sticks to create their little heart signs. I sneakily painted their hair, faces, and bodies while my girls played with play dough in the kitchen this morning! Then I glued the felt bits on this evening while they played in the livingroom. 

Even without the cute details, they're pretty darn adorable. I was so thrilled to receive a parcel from Bear Dance Crafts this week, and set to work immediately painting and gluing these little sweeties, for my children to find on St. Valentine's Day, and for them to give to their bus driver and teachers.
This year, my kids went wild with watercolour paints, covering big sheets of newspaper from which we cut heart shapes to glue on card stock. I printed a personal message on each card, and then they signed their names. We're pleased with how they turned out!

Much love to you, friends and followers, on Valentine's Day and always!


  1. They're so cute!! Happy valentine's day!

  2. They're adorable! I don't know HOW you do it. Kisses to your little valentines from their Aunt today!

  3. I love those Valentines!! So happy to have found your blog :)

  4. Ha ha -- the infestation has spread. The department of agriculture is going to be after us -- fruit flies, med. flies, apple moths and... love bugs.

    Happy Valentines Day

    1. I will gladly trade my infestation of Stink Bugs for some Love Bugs this year! We had stink bugs so bad last year, they became my 1 year olds favorite snack!

  5. Oh! I <3 them!!! Was that obnoxious? I didn't intend it to be. They really are darling. Your kids must have been so delighted to meet them.

    And those valentines are full of love and charm.

  6. Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours! Your Love bugs turned out so sweet, I cannot wait to get my hands on her book, so many wonderful ideas!

  7. Oh my goodness, these are so super cute! I think we might have to make some for our house too! :)

    Happy (belated) Valentine's Day!


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