Sunday, February 3, 2013


Well, if last weekend I went through the wringer, this weekend I've been stuffed to the brim with good things. A Friday visit to the wonderful and always inspiring Wabi Sabi Wanderer started us off on the right foot...mess and chaos, with our eight children (one of hers was away for the day!) pulling out every single toy, the grown ups dirtying every single pot in the kitchen in pursuit of a lunch to meet all tastes, lots of baby snuggling and dressing and undressing the littles in and out of snowsuits. 

This lovely friend inspires in so many ways. Her grace and true enjoyment of mothering always lifts me up, and her home is so warm, quirky, and beautiful that I remember what life was like without toddlers and babies in the house: oh yes, I used to have plants and framed photos on end tables, too! I've started sorting through the many boxes that have been relegated to our attic over the past few years, and have already found some treasures that I hope to put out around the house again (until Norah starts to toddle, of course...)

She showed me a delightful little handmade she'd received from another blogger and told me where I could find the pattern. Well, after visiting this site, I ended up ordering more than just one pattern! I'm hoping that by next Christmas, the Natural Nativity will grace our seasonal table! I also couldn't resist the Halloween Hamsters, and the Initial Elves.
On the homefront, we've been doing a lot of art these days. After I spent an inspiring morning with the wonderful Genevieve Townsend, the kids have been into "doodling" (filling a defined space with experimental lines, colours, and shapes). I didn't quite finish my piece while in the session, and my children are always first to notice when I've found a moment to add a line or two. Watch for an upcoming blog post with an artist interview and giveaway, featuring Genevieve's beautiful work!

This blog post has had me smiling and giggling all week. Take a moment to look back through this mama's incredible journey with her sweet baby Lucy.

This blog post by the wonderful Danielle made me pause in recognition, and to wonder how many of us mothers hide our low times, whether we just feel blue, or experience true depression. Share it far and wide and hopefully it will encourage more women to reach out for support.

When I can manage to get the camera into my hands, I seem to be taking lots of pictures of this little lady (fresh from the tub). The lines and curves, softness and sweetness, dimples and rolls of a baby are endlessly inspiring.
My tendency towards all-day bedhead has me a bit camera shy these days, but I snapped one picture after being inspired by a beautiful picture my sister-in-law posted on Facebook of her as a baby, with her own mother who has since passed away. In it, her mother looks tired, a bit grubby in a sweatshirt, but radiant just the same as she bathes her gorgeous baby (my gorgeous SIL!). She glows with that unique mama-love. I know that that photo is now a treasure for my sister-in-law and have declared that I must have more pictures of myself these days, exhausted, makeup-and-braless and bed-headed though I may be most of the time.
Right now, Norah is napping, the house is quiet with all the older children off to Grandpa's farm with Daddy. I'm feeling inspired to get outside to photograph the astoundingly beautiful frost that trims everything I can see outside, before heading back up to the attic to continue the great Purge of 2013.

What inspires you these days?


  1. Thanks so much for sharing my post! I've kept so silent about it for so long, reading other people who have occasionally posted about depression, wondering if I should, too. Glad I did. Let's all kind to ourselves.

  2. I often ( like many women i would wager) take the role of photographer to avoid being the subject of the photo. Looking back I wish I had more photos of myself with each one of the babies for just the same reason. someday THEY might want to have one!Keep snapping away.

  3. Those photos of mama and baby are so invaluable, but can be hard to come by. You have inspired me to get the camera into the hands of my husband more often. I love your artwork so far, lovely.

  4. every time you post a photo of that baby I need to go smell her .wed. is the are one lucky mama

  5. Lovely photos, and so nice to see you again in one! Do you know the pen and ink work of Daniel Mitsui? He knows how to fill in space, too!

  6. Nadja, thanks so much for the Dan Mitsui link; his work is amazingly detailed and he fills the space with dignity and beauty. Really intriguing to me.

  7. It was WONDEFUL visiting with you, as always. YOU are the one who is an inspiration. And the merry chaos of our children? Perfect. (I've posted some photos.) I can't wait to see the wonders that you knit up with your new patterns!

    And holy smokes mama, you are looking fantastic!


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