Tuesday, February 26, 2013

while folding laundry

I asked for help with the sorting of the laundry and this is what I got:

Two super-heroines who wear undies on their heads (the leg-holes are perfect for pigtails to poke through) and who sling-shot villains with underpants.

Beware, bad guys. They have a wee protege who watches their every move closely. We call her Super Diaper Baby, and she's working on her kung fu kicks each day.


  1. Ha ha! This is priceless! I have a similar photo of our three (although must admit they were actually a little older!) donning undies over their clothes, on their heads...what they were doing I still do not know! But something very silly to children about undies. lol

    p.s. They are some awfully pretty, laundry folding, undie wearing little helpers!

    Have a great day! ~ Paula

  2. I loved laundry day when I was a child. I would wear my mothers slips around and pretend to be a fairy- I am sure I wasn't much of a "helper" but as long as I could dress up along the way I didn't mind sorting piles.

  3. I love these pics :) Your life seems so much more fun and peaceful than mine (Granted, my two are teenagers who are constant sources of attitude and sarcasm...)

  4. This is pretty much how my boys end up every time they are asked to put their laundry away :)

  5. Oh my gosh, I love this post! And pigtails through the leg holes?! Fab! I have a feeling our girls would get along swimmingly! :)


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