Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Yarn Along: Self Help and Rainbow Horses

I'm not a fan of non-fiction. I like a good story, a tale with characters, setting, plot, and a conclusion that gives closure. I don't mind reading about knitting or farming or parenting, but that is as far as my non-fiction reading goes.

Enter Brene Brown and Sue Johnson

I'm simultaneously reading their books, Daring Greatly and Hold Me Tight.

Wow. In the first few pages of both books, I was nodding in recognition. I like that. I like that I'm not a total freak, alone in my quirks and imperfections. I'm so normal, they've written books about me! I highly recommend both books. They're really helping us through some rapid and painful growth in our marriage and as individuals. The learning curve is steep, but we're finding that communication needs to be more clear and efficient, especially with the arrival of our fourth babe!

I had the luck to find the book The Arrival by Shaun Tan at the library yesterday. It's one of those graphic storybooks, telling a tale without words. I was completely smitten with the story and drawings and signed it out to share with Jude and Robin. It is a tale of immigration, longing, freedom, and connection. SO beautiful. I highly recommend it.

Pictured above is my first rainbow horse; the second just came off the needles, and I'm contemplating a third (and a fourth) for the other birthday girls in our family. The pattern is deliciously simple, and the result is so anatomically perfect...I love Linda's patterns! Visit her etsy shop for some of your own. I love that you can pick and choose from your favourite animals. I gathered my older children around the computer, and let them each pick their, it's a horse for Margot, a swan for Violet, a penguin for Jude, and a hedgehog for me!

Stop by Ginny's Yarn Along to find out what others are reading and knitting these days!


  1. With such a glowing recommendation how can I not order those books? Wow!

    Love the little horse, especially the rainbow colors! I will have to knit a few of those for my little horse loving girl.

  2. How cute is that horse going to be?! I hope all is going well! Happy day.

  3. Rainbow horse is looking wonderful!
    I've made a few 'creatures' using Linda's patterns, and they all turned out so lovely.

  4. Thank you for sharing those books - My husband and I are going through quite a time as well - I think that we are simply at a point in our life where it is time to redefine where we are going both as a family and as individuals - realizing how fast time goes and how much I truly love to love and he doesn't share that enthusiasm - we are working on making it work.
    Your horse is beautiful!

  5. "I'm so normal, they've written books about me!" You brought a smile to my face with those words :) ~ Paula

  6. What a cute horse..I will have to check out Linda's Etsy shop..Today!!

  7. Written books about you - you crack me up. But I do know that you mean it, and it is wonderful that you can incorporate humour as you explore finding solutions. That you recognize that you are part of the solution. Good stuff.

    I love your rainbow horse! (They're Rainbow Griffen's in our house.) We love Linda's patterns too. LOVE them.

  8. i've always been a non fiction reader too, and then came yarn along, tee hee. so many wonderful book reviews. now the snow child is my favorite book. your books sound wonderful too, it's nice when you can really identify. cute rainbow horse!

  9. Love hold me tight. I am going to have to check out the others. THE HORSE IS THE SWEETEST! My oldest would swoon. :)


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