Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Stripes Make Me Happy

I can't get enough of stripes in these late days of winter. All colours, all widths, all textures.

Of course, in a pinch, I'll take polka dots, too.
What inspires you to hang on till Spring?


  1. oh dear, I love stripes too! I loved dressing my boy in stripes (still try my best to sneak them into his 9 yo wardrobe!) Then had a girl and discovered girls are equally cute in stripes and that my favorite is the stripe & polka dot combination. Though my daughter prefers to mix up her stripes, striped top, leggings, and's still great though!

  2. Hanging on until Spring this year has meant Patience until the little baby's mama returns to work and I get to provide the lad's nurturing and love while she's gone during the day. We lost our grandson last March and it has been a time of renewal and spiritual growth while we allow those wounds to heal.

    Thank you for the lovely pictures of your children; I love dark-haired children's faces with big eyes and your littles provide that in spades.

  3. oh my godness. she (they) is soooo cute.

    I am holding on till spring with my seed catalogs + permaculture books!
    These days, the sunny winter walks. That direct sunlight is hard to come by, but when we do, and the crisp cold winter air in my lungs, reminds me that even in the very dark of winter, it is still okay.

    and I like stripes too! and my baby's huge smile.

  4. Stripes make me happy too! And polka dots. And your wildly adorable children. That opening shot? Wow!!!

  5. I swear I awoke to songbirds Sunday morning! just half asleep thinking I was dreaming - but no, definite songbirds! Poor little things may be in for a shock.
    I also was thrilled to drive home from work this evening and still have a last bit of light at 5:45. It's the little things that see us Canadians through winter without loosing our sanity .

  6. I always dressed my babies in stripes on the hard days. Who could be upset when looking at a baby wearing stripes!

    To answer your question, birthday celebrations get us through. All three of mine are born in Feb (10th, 11th and 25th) so there is lots to plan and be excited about.

  7. Oh, what sweet stripes and even sweeter faces! Hmmm, what inspires me to hang on until Spring? Crafting...any kind of craft, knowing that gardening is just around the corner and then we'll be too busy for playing with coloured papers, fabrics, fibres and such.

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  8. Lovin' the stripes and the pics of your crazy adorable children. The one of big sis carrying her little one, brings back many, many fond memories of my kidlets doing the same.

    As to what's keeping me sane? kids getting me outside from time to time, even if it is to watch an evening broomball game at minus 25 degrees! And of course the flow of creative ideas, and attempting to bring SOME of them to fruition. lol :)

  9. oh i love a stripe!! and polka dots too! wow there is a lot of adorable going on over there. Holding on til spring? This is not a problem for me :) Time is moving in a blur, I am pretty confident I will wake up in a day or so and the cherry blossoms will be blooming, my oldest will be FOUR and I will be losing pumps and gaining freedom... this is the light at the end of my winter tunnel!

  10. I LOVE all the colors and stripes!


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