Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sand Crafts: Part 2

When we finished our sand castle craft, I had a messy table and bowlful of glittery sand...

I recognised it as an opportunity for an unplanned, spontaneous, and especially QUICK craft! If you have multiple children, you know the challenge of finding a craft that works for everyone...not too hard for the littles, not too boring for the elders! This craft fits the bill.

You will need:
  • blue watercolour paint
  • watercolour paper
  • glue, slightly thinned with water, OR Mod Podge
  • brushes
  • sand, sifted, with glitter added in for fun (optional!)
  • craft paint, various colours

Paint a whole sheet of watercolour paper with blue watercolour paint.

Using the watered-down glue from the sandcastle craft, paint the bottom part of the paper.

Using a finer brush, paint a sandcastle shape.

Sprinkle it all with sand, then gently shake off.

We did the whole thing on wet paper...the sand stuck to everything, but once it all dried, the sand was easily brushed off. All that was left was the sand on the gluey parts!

Add a jaunty flag or two to the top of the sandcastle.



  1. I think a good scrub and fresh paint is a nice (cheap) makeover. I've even used spray paint for the light fixtures :) Looking forward to seeing the waterhorse sweater. I really need to get knitting... it's been too long. Enjoy your last bits of summer :)


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