Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sand Crafts: Part 1

To create a sweet sandcastle that no wave will wash away, you will need:
  • sand
  • gold glitter (optional)
  • white glue, slightly watered down (or Mod Podge, left as is!)
  • a brush
  • paper tubes (from toilet paper or paper towel)
  • small twigs, and small amounts of coloured paper
Sift the sand to clean out any rocks and twigs. Add optional glitter.

Using scissors, cut tubes into different heights, then cut little "turrets" into the tops.

Cover tube with glue, then roll in sand (didn't manage to photograph this step: picture one mama, and three kids with glue and sand on their hands!).

Cut little triangles out of paper, and glue on twigs.

Set everything aside to dry!

Glue everything together (I used WeldBond); secure with clothespins till it is all dry.

Display artistically for a lovely indoors beach scene!


  1. I love this craft especially the sparkles in the sand...........

  2. Great idea! Hazel will love this. She is always collecting the toilet paper rolls because "she can use them for something".

  3. Super fun project. My boys are obsessed with glitter, so it definitely won't be optional!

  4. Thank you! Now that swimming lessons are over, we are definately needing some summer crafting to keep us busy over these next weeks. We'll still be at the beach, but not every day most likely! The kids will love this, especially the glitter.


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