Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Like the Fonz

It's all about keeping cool. Think Arthur Fonzarelli. We're eating cool, playing cool, dressing cool.

The dress code is casual: cotton shirts or dresses, or nothing at all. Bare feet, hair tied up.

Coffee is left in the pot to cool, then shaken with milk, sugar, and ice in a big Mason jar, to be sipped all morning.
On the menu: wraps, pasta salads, veggies and tortillas and dip, popcorn.

Oh, and watermelon. LOTS of watermelon (best eaten naked, to let the juice drip down your arms, onto your chest, pooling in your bellybutton).

Last evening our friends down the road called with an invitation to come over for a swim in their pool. My response? HELL, YES! The kids cooled off, the adults had a few cool beverages, and we all just felt so...


  1. black leather jacket then but perhaps still a comb in the back pocket??

  2. I love, love, love the photo of Margot in your garden. The colours are fabulous and naked toddlers are just delicious. We've had a lot of the same around here...although living in town forces me to put clothes on the Genevieve occasionally!

  3. that just might be the cutest summer photo. ever.

  4. What a terrific shot! We, too, are eating a lot of watermelon. And ice-pops. And fruit smoothies. And although my first cup of coffee of the day is usually hot, I, too, have been drinking it iced through the day.

    I know our littles would gladly go naked, but I have to discourage it because of the mosquitoes and chiggers. They'd be scratching in some hard-to-reach places!

  5. I've been making my cold coffee in the fridge by soaking grounds overnight. And adding sweetened condensed milk. So. Yummy.

  6. I love those photos.

    It is SO hot here that all we can do is stay inside, which is horrid.

  7. Ayyyyyy.
    I am going to borrow your coffee idea! It sounds super.
    It's funny. I remember back to around this time and posting so heart-feltedly (?) about not being able to function in the heat...and here we are again!

  8. I want to lick the watermelon juice off of Margot's chest. She is positively yummy! (oh- and I am her aunt for those who don't know...not some creepo :)
    Great shot of her with the flowers!

  9. Yes!! That's what I am doing with my leftover coffee tomorrow...CHEERS!


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