Tuesday, July 5, 2011


It's official: I've created a nifty new button so that you can post it on your blog, and get the gratitude flowing. And make sure to link back here so others can share the gratitude. And in your comment, please leave a link to YOUR gratitude list!

Okay. This week's off-the-top-of-my-head list:

  • a rainbow of yarn in a natural basket, waiting to be turned into gnomes and various fruits and vegetables
  • the moment when my children wake up in the morning
  • the moment when my children fall asleep at night
  • witnessing the unfurling of my little girl into a full-fledged water baby
  • this niece of mine, with her dappled beauty, unfurling into a young woman: creative, pensive, deep, a wonderful writer already...but still young enough to blow bubbles
  • evening farm rituals: checking on the chickens and making sure they're locked up safe, closing up the shed (we think a bear got in there the other night), picking up the scattered sandals, bathing suits, cups, a quilt...the detritus of our busy, busy day
  • a salad made from the locally grown produce from our first CSA basket, and the feeling of washing away dirt that is LOCAL dirt...dirt from about 15 minutes down the road
  • feeling the love that went into growing, weeding, harvesting, cleaning, and parcelling up the aforementioned food...thank you Kylah, Zach, and Interns! (and you too, Dayvah!)
  • a brand new day ahead with no mistakes in it, to be calmer, more patient, more loving, more gentle with my children and with myself
Your turn: give me 5 things you're grateful for in the comments section...next week, do a whole post about it and we'll link back and forth. Spread the thanks!


  1. Off the top of my head:
    1) that I woke up in time to make it to my carpool, even though I don't remember switching off the alarm ;)
    2) the sound of our resident cardinals singing outside the window at 6:45 am
    3) kissing my big girls good-bye as they slept in on this summer day
    4) the smiling woman who greets me every morning when I get my coffee
    5) that I get to go to the Women's Worlds 2011 Conference today as part of my job! Yippee!

  2. 1) Having roses again - roses to look at, to stop and smell, to take photos of, to delight in.
    2) Beach days! And living so near to so many wonderful beaches.
    3)My evening walk in the neighbourhood with one of my guys
    4) My blue (paint colour peace) bedroom - so restful I can hardly wait to go to bed each night.
    5)A friend who knows me well enough to bring me new sieglinde potatoes as a hostess gift. ;-)

  3. At first thought:
    *the blissful quiet of a house with only me in it
    *the cool of our basement
    *cold coffee
    *thinking of my travelling girls arriving in France when magically they were just here yesterday.
    My gratitudes for this day.

  4. 1) A friend who listens to my written words and weeps and exclaims this last piece should be published.
    2) The blessed sunshine
    3) My blessed Chiropractor
    4) Being able to offer my workshop tomorrow for women in need of healing from difficult births
    5) living in a small town.

  5. 1. Very early morning in the back field with my coffee and all my sheep grazing around me.

    2. My ereader which brings me endlessly fascinating things to read as I sit on a warm rock on the stone pile.

    3. Being a shepherd! Imagine being 58 years old and my major task is to sit outside in the sunshine surrounded by green field and birdsong, watching sheep nibble grass!

    4. Did I mention shepherding?

    5. Late afternoon chilled white wine in the field surrounded by sheep. And cold watermelon for lunch.

  6. Today I'm grateful for the bit of hope granted by modern medicine, for my youngest child offering up an "I ub you Mama," for a roof over my head, for a free afternoon, and for having so many options that I don't know what is for dinner.

  7. Today I'm grateful for...

    1) My 2 year old son Alfie - I met a lovely, lovely old man yesterday who lost his son at two years old - the little chap had only gone in for a routine op that went tragically wrong. I really love my little guy, I can't imagine something so awful happening...

    2) My husband - he makes each day lighter and brighter and cares so deeply for me and the boys, and shows his love and affection so freely with us all :-)

    3) My other boys - beautiful sons, loving energetic and just a bit bonkers!!!

    4) Time spent with my cousin, who has been super chilled out with us this week, embracing our unschooling lifestyle, playing us music music music and filling our home with happy musical energy

    5) My friend Julie who knitted me the most beautiful delicate rainbowy socks that arrived in the post today. The pattern and stripes and colours are perfect!

    Mrs Knitty said I should share my most recent post with you all so here it is :


    Glad to be here :-) x

  8. I LOVE your idea of a GratiTuesday button and a weekly reflection/chance to spread the thanks!

    Today I am thanful for:

    1. Still being sane...well at least quasi-sane..4+ months into my husband's most recent tour of duty while solo-parenting my 3 1/2 and almost 2 year old!

    2. The amazing colleagues I worked with today who I was able to share laughs with and learn from all at the same time

    3. The delicious farm eggs that were the highlight of tonight's supper

    4. Cuddling up with my kiddies reading bedtime stories they BOTH agreed on!

    5. The spicy and fragrant ginger tea I am sipping right now

  9. * my beautiful roses finally in bloom
    * the pool in the greenhouse my creative husband fashioned out of bits and pieces
    * finally having Ella's room together so I can have MY bookcase back
    * my mom, always ready to take Ella so we can get away as a couple or even just a quiet night at home
    * lots of strawberries



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