Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Land

July in the Ottawa Valley. The sky is at its biggest and bluest, the clouds are at their puffiest, and the greens are at their greenest.
While we complain about the record humidity and head for the beach, farmers are hard at work, cutting and baling hay.

The corn is working its way towards being as high as an elephant's eye.

And the only witnesses to my forays across the road and through grassy ditches, camera in hand are

these curious bovines.

This is the landscape I crave when I'm far from home, and every July I'm reminded why I've chosen to live here.


  1. It's beautiful there, reminds me of my own landscape, here. I so admire the work of farmer's, the unsung heros!

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  3. (Whoops! typo in the first post...)

    What beautiful pictures of sunshine, blue sky and green fields!
    My maternal grandparents were farmers in the Rankin area, and thank you for the reminder to appreciate all of the hard work that the farming industry is made of!
    Actually,I know that barn and those fields...I grew up just down the road and live a little bit farther now, in the other direction. When I head out to visit my parents and come down that hill into the lush green fields I know I'm "home" and never want to be far from there for long.

    Enjoy this sultry summer day!

    p.s. - Our family farm is actually up for sale, if anyone is looking - 250 acres, bush lot, out-buildings and 150 yr old farm house.

    p.p.s. - Thanks for the ad space ;) paying it back with good vibes!

  4. Your sky looks so blue...not so much in town right now. It's kind of murky these days.
    And your spot in the world, well, it looks like you chose wisely.

  5. i used to live around that area and miss it so. many fond memories of back roads, nights at the tavern, jams and midnight swims...
    love the pictures in your post...they make me smile:)

  6. Aww these pictures make me homesick. I am from Almonte and living in Toronto and crave the wide open spaces and beautiful air and people back home every day.

  7. Photos like these would make me very homesick when I was on the westcoast. It really is a special place here in the valley and I do admit to taking it for granted now that I have made it my permanent home (for now.....)

  8. I grew up in the Ottawa area. You have brought back memories, thanks so much for sharing.

  9. I came up here in '79 from the GTA region. And never left!
    LOVE this Ottawa Valley.

  10. I grew up in Killaloe and am thankful to have been raised in such beautiful scenery. I may just drive up there this weekend to visit the folks and jump in the lake. Lovely!

  11. Don't talk to me about hay. And heat.

    Beautiful photos. It is an incredible land.


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