Thursday, July 28, 2011

Busy Just Being

After busily crafting in preparation for an Arts/Crafts show last weekend, I have finally put away the yarn/fabric/rickrack/etc. that has been cluttering our downstairs for months. My yarn basket now holds the makings of Jude's Waterhorse Sweater, yarn for Margot's Fall/Winter sweater (pattern yet to be chosen), my birthday socks (guess I'll wear them for my 38th...) and a half-made Sushi Wallet (from a kit by One Stick, Two Sticks). I'm amazed at the joy I am getting from knitting for myself, with no deadline in mind. I am determined to say "No" to special knitting requests until these projects are DONE!

Scotian Silk in "Jamaica", by Fleece Artist.

Summer is meandering along. Some weeks are sweltering, others require me to wear a hoodie in the early mornings. We go to swimming lessons when the weather is fine, the library when it is not. We've been picking zucchinis and raspberries, and enjoying the beautiful produce from our friends, the CSA farmers. We're a few weeks away from our first family camping trip, and have our nieces visiting for this week.

I'm reading at least two books right now. One is "A Cold Night for Alligators", the first novel written by a university friend, Nick Crowe. I was delighted to see his face on a poster for our local author's festival, and had the pleasure of seeing him again for the first time in 17 years, and hearing him talk about the writing process. The book is a wonderful read so Canadian writers and order it online!

I'm also reading "Howl's Moving Castle" by Diana Wynne Jones, recommended to me by a staff member at Chapters. This was written before the Harry Potter series, and is a meandering tale of witchcraft, wizardry, and a castle that floats around above the hills with a magic door that opens upon different places depending on how you turn the knob!
Thanks, Amazon, for the image!

I'm working hard at summoning the enthusiasm required to begin preparing our kitchen for a simple (read: cheap) makeover in the fall, as well as a mini-home renovation that has me excited. Time to step away from Blogworld once more, and focus in on the fleeting days of summer. I have NO children in diapers for the first time in 6 years, and feel a surge of delight every time I see this diaperless, bathing-suit-clad bottom

...and hear the words, "Mommy, my need pee!"

I may pop in now and then between now and September, when inspiration strikes. And I'll be visiting YOUR spaces when I get the time. Enjoy the fleeting joys and beauties that summer brings.


  1. We're going on our first camping trip soon as well! Algonquin Park, here we come :o) Enjoy the rest of your summer..

  2. I love that little bottom, too!
    Good for you to put yourself on vacation. Can't wait to share some summertime with you.

  3. Summer seems to be so far away when the blustery days of march are upon us. Finally it arrives and before we know it, August long weekend is upon us and fall is lurking in the background. Enjoy every sunny day and enjoy even the not-so-sunny days.........

  4. Stephanie, that yarn! My goodness, I could find inspiration in that yarn. I haven't gotten do do any free knitting for me or anyone else in so long. I do miss having my needles free.
    And, yes, that little bottom.. so sweet!
    You go and enjoy your summer!

  5. Good for you! Projects for children and self and family are wonderful to do. Have fun camping!


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