Tuesday, July 26, 2011

GratiTuesday: Sacred Time

For the past few days, I've been waking up at 5:15 a.m. I'm learning to trust this new rhythm, and have adjusted my bed time to fit. One morning I did the laundry and cleaned up the kitchen floor; another, I did some ironing and blogging.

This has become sacred time for me: the air is cool, the house is quiet, and sometimes, there are gifts in store:

The view off my porch at 5:30 a.m...8 minutes later, the colours had faded.

It occurs to me that in staying up late, I have missed the gift of early mornings. It has become a time to reflect, to start the day (and the coffeepot) in peace, and to collect flowers for our table.

I love rhythm and ritual, but have all too often found myself swept up in the chaos of raising small children. My spirit knew I needed this now, and started whispering to me to get up and breathe in the quiet air of early morning.

For this, I am truly grateful.

For what sacred time alone do you give thanks?


  1. The colours are lovely. I also get up very early, before my children, to enjoy the morning and collect my thoughts for the day. If I can I take the dog out for a walk.

  2. I SO need to start doing this once the kids are in a better routine! We all napped yesterday after a restless night, but I paid dearly when BOTH kids were still wild at 11pm. Oy.
    Congrats on finding some peace time!

  3. How wonderful! I need to start getting up earlier too, thank you for the inspiration:)

  4. I've beeen doing exactly the same thing -- waking up early to do yoga, blog, drink coffee, putter around. And I've been going for walks after Nathan's in bed -- truly a time to relax.

    I wrote about it today, actually!


    Thanks for hosting,
    Kelly @ Creating a Family Home

  5. I love the mornings when my children are quietly amusing themselves, and I can sit in my sunroom with a coffee and my book and listen to the birds singing. When I am in there, I cannot see the messy kitchen or rest of the house so it really is a little escape.
    I also give thanks for the time of day when the girls are tucked in and I climb into my bed with my big cat, and my book (again with the book!)..cool sheets, dim lights, a good story and the promise of sleep after a few chapters...

  6. I did this for a while and I loved it, this peace and solitude of the early morning. I don't know why I've stopped. My day just ran smoother when I did.

  7. I am a serial sleeper-inner. My son wakes at the drop of a hat and usually crawls into bed with me around five when my husband leaves. I'm afraid I'll set my alarm, bound out of my room expecting an hour of quite only to greeted with a sweet, sleepy smile and a demand for cheerios and apple juice!

  8. I love mornings too! Thanks for the little push to get back into my routine. It does take the discipline of getting to bed early, but it IS worth it. Question: how do you stay quiet enough to keep the kiddos asleep? Unless I disappear for a walk, I am lucky if my early morning time is uninterrupted after a little while.

  9. Lovely photos! I've come to love (although it took some time!) our early mornings at sunrise out with the sheep. Especially on these last few very hot days, the quiet cool is so refreshing.


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