Sunday, May 15, 2011


The Pirate Dad created a scavenger hunt for the pirate-partygoers, and helped the littlest ones read the clues, written in calligraphic script on tea-stained, burnt-edged scraps.

I kinda like my husband in his swashbuckling garb. I love piratey words: swashbuckling, swabbing the deck, keelhauling and parleying. I love how my husband adopts these words like they're his first language, as in "Sit ye down and drink yer grog!"

Lego pirates adorn the gluten-and-dairy-free birthday cake, where X marks the spot.

A proud first mate presents the cake to the Captain,

...and shows off her piratey grin.

By late afternoon, the guests are gone, a fire is lit, the two girls are sleeping,

and the Pirate Dad hits the bunk for a well-earned kip.

The remains of the party whisper of the fun we had,

and gifts are assembled and admired and played with.

Scattered wrappers of gold doubloons litter the floor,

and the evening sky wishes Jude River a wonderful 6th Birthday.


  1. What a great birthday! I don't think I could ever get my husband to dress up theme for a party. Love the gluten/dairy free cake. I read your post on the gluten-free book when Blogger went wonky the other day...I'm totally checking it out.

  2. Is your hubs wearing eye liner? Rock on! Looks like a good time! Happy Birthday Jude!

  3. Wow! What a great birthday... such happy memories were made.

  4. Happy Birthday Buster! Looks like a good time was had by all and that's what counts!

  5. Robin looks almost as good as that Captain Jack Sparrow at Storyland, (do you remember that young boy?)...did he walk around with a drunk swagger all afternoon????

    Hope Jude had a lovely day!
    xo maureen

  6. Looks like a blast!! Love Vi's teeth and Jude's face when the cake arrives.
    It must be so awesome to be married to a part time pirate!

  7. Happy happy birthday,dear Jude.What a great party!All your friends were great nanny



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