Monday, May 30, 2011

Fairy Tea Party

While I profess to follow the KISS* rule of raising children, I somehow cannot resist the potential of a little girl's birthday party...the food! the decorations! the favours! the costumes! I usually start checking out sites for ideas a few months in advance, jotting down anything that grabs my fancy. I can't really credit any of these ideas to one specific site; they're kind of a reflection of what my mind does with a bit of inspiration!

*Keep It Simple, Stupid!

Wands, created in Northern Ontario from birch bark coloured with watercolour paint, glued on to sparkly fun foam; ribbons and sparkly hearts were added as embellishments, then the whole lot was attached to a sturdy twig with hot glue.

Invitations gently suggested that fairy wings be worn, and every guest complied with joy. Daddy entertained the guests with silly songs, including the faery hokey-pokey..."You put your left wing in, you put your left wing out..."

Fancy tea cups are a must for any tea party; if the Guest of Honour's name happens to be Violet, then a tablecloth adorned with violets are a nice touch!

Tiny toadstool hors d'oeuvres...made from pinching one end of a mini-marshmallow and inserting it into a raspberry. Following the note I left before rushing away for the weekend, my husband and his buddy sat up till 2:30 a.m. making these...

...and these: Faery Fruit Wands!

Strawberry cupcakes with buttercream icing, tinted pink, of course...decorated with fresh violets from the garden (of course!)...

Violet requested that mommy wear a "special dress".

Tinkerbell graced us with her presence.

Sweet girl, with pink nail polish (only for a four-year-old girl!)

A wooden play kitchen has been on our wish list for a few years, but there never seems to be the money for I printed off a picture of one I liked from the internet, handed it to my hubby and his buddy (the one with the tools and the know-how!), and sent him off night after night to work on it. I'm so thrilled with what they managed to create without a pattern!

Violet was thrilled, too!

While I did the research and planning of this party, credit for its execution goes to my beautiful man, who so graciously takes on extra tasks when I'm looking like I might burn out...sends me off to the north, stays home alone for a weekend with the kids, doesn't freak out when he realises that I accidentally took the van keys with me (OOPS!), and loads the kids into his little Mazda instead to get groceries for the birthday. Violet felt like the most special little girl in the world for a day, and what more could anyone want on their birthday? My heart overflows.


  1. What a wonderful celebration. Those bark wands are so sweet as is everything else!

  2. What a beautiful birthday and so much attention to details too! I love the cupcakes, what a great idea!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog by the way, it's nice to "meet" you too :)

  3. What a wonderful party and beautiful family!

  4. Oh my, the expression in her entire body in the last picture says it all in Upper Case !~!

  5. Love the toadstools! So sweet. Looks like it was a magical party!

  6. Oh wow. Can I have my next birthday at your house? (:

  7. Wonderful! Happy birthday to an adorable little girl! We love the fairies and gnomes here, too.
    And isn't it lovely having a handy husband? I have a play kitchen picked out in a catalog for my husband to make for next Christmas, and a cradle and highchair for an upcoming birthday.

  8. What a lovely party! You make me want to throw one for no reason at all! The kitchen set looks great. Yeah for great Dad!

  9. It WAS a magical party! Homestead Boy did a great job in your absence and watching the two of you execute this event was inspiring! I do believe Violet felt very special and loved. And that is the whole point.

  10. how i wish i was a faery at your house!!! what a sweet party! i love, love the last photo!!!!! precious memories!
    have a lovely week

  11. she will remember this one for her lifetime!
    loved the cupcakes with the violets on them.

  12. Fantastic! The kitchen is gorgeous! Will there be some little patchwork potholders appearing in the future? So much fun.

  13. It was a lovely day!! The faeries were so sweet.
    Good job mom and dad. Violet will remember the love.

  14. Wow, your hubby is some kind of wonderful! :)

  15. I've learned that sometimes keeping it simple (without calling anyone names) means there is one incredibly organized, creative Captain at the helm. One woman flies like a fairy around the room, while the children get to dance in the miracle of such a great party. Well done.


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