Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Picking Up Chicks

Once or twice a year, I write the following on our calendar: "Pick Up Chicks". This evokes a smile every time I see it. This year, I worked on chick-picking-up day, so my dad was delighted to fetch that little cardboard box full of peeping creatures.

He was even more delighted to see his grandchildren's delight as they met our new pullets. They'll be ready to lay in 20 weeks (or so)...they hatched yesterday. This is our first batch of laying birds (we've had meat birds before), and to say we're smitten would be an understatement.
Rules are established to protect the chicks from excited little hands. After Jude tries to balance one on top of the waterer, I ask him to step away from the chicks. After a few remorseful tears, he creates this sign:

"Sometimes you can hold the chicks. You must be gentle".

This little girl will grow into a beautiful black sex-link hen (glossy black with russet feathers around her neck, and bits of iridescent green and purple throughout).
And these little Happy Feet lookalikes will grow into Barred Plymouth Rocks.

These little peepers will join the song-frogs that serenade us to sleep each night.


  1. I remember how exciting it was as a child to get new chicks. I'm sure your children will love watching them grow and produce.

  2. So gorgeous! We picked up ours a couple of weeks ago:)

  3. aaahhh! I am so excited! I have ( gulp) 86 coming next Tuesday via Fedex( I am still trying to picture how the driver concentrates with boxes of chirping birds all day).
    50 are Rhode Island reds-females and 26 are un-sexed Plymouth barred rocks. I think I was perhaps a little over enthusiastic when ordering as I have 8 hens laying currently.
    My daughter and I are planning to sell the organic eggs as a small scale venture.
    Can I copy your sons sign? lol

  4. We've got the black sex-link too. What great layers! I've had so many double yolks from them. And now they are trying to go broody. I'm hoping they make good mothers. Our rooster actually looks like a barred rock.


    I especially LOVE the homemade sign:)

    Love the faces of your little chicks. And the sign from Jude.
    I want to see them, too!

  7. New chicks are so cute! We have a coop full of broody bantams so it's always a surprise each morning counting any new arrivals! Broody bantams will hatch out anything ( ducks, turkeys,other hens eggs etc) so it's always a plus to have a few around. You can add to your flock for free! Have fun with the new fuzzys!

  8. you've reminded me of the time I was working in the field counting frogs. We had to trap them and take them back to the lab, and then return them to their mating pond. I kid you not - I had 900 calling wood frogs in the bag seat of my Toyota echo in buckets. The picture of the fedex guy with the chicks gave me a giggle :)


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