Friday, May 20, 2011

Farm Friday: Green

The residents of Ireland might argue with me, but the benefit of constant cloud and rain is a green that is so lush and voluptuous that to look at it heals any pain in your heart.

We're spending lots of time outside in the green, and sometimes the little ones find priceless treasures. These are offered up like the gifts they are, with reverence and joy. I'm mindful to embrace this blessed moment of the Earth's intake of her breath, before full-blown summer is upon us.


  1. Lovely! Can't wait to see this with my own eyes this weekend. xo

  2. Green is my favourite colour. Always has been. Green is the colour of growth and renewal. WONDERFUL shots, my friend. I can't wait to get out of the office now, and frolic in the green.

  3. Green is lovely! And full blown summer you say....
    That first picture is beeeautiful.

  4. the green is so deep in color, invites you in for a picnic on the grass :)

    love the shots you got great captures!!

  5. This morning, the birds were chirping so loudly as if to beckon me out into the wilderness to join in their songs of joy. My first step outside and I was engulfed in the most amazing smell. Spring! I felt as if I were walking into a rainforest. (I suppose this can be called the Canadian Rainforest!) I turned around and walked back the house to bring my husband out to smell it for himself. He said: "I know, I can smell it coming in the door!" It really is magnificent, isn't it? I just love the florescence of the green right now. I was quickly reminded, this morning, of why we chose to live in the country - such a sweet smell to awaken the senses. Love it!


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