Monday, May 2, 2011

Work Weekend

The serendipitous occurence of a) full sun, and b) a clear calendar conspired to create the perfect conditions for a work weekend! We cheerfully made our list on Saturday morning, put on old clothes, and headed outside. Meals turned into casual picnics (cut-up fruit, almonds, dried apricots, jugs of water), the kids "helped" (pushing seeds into soil, digging in newly turned earth, wielding tools of all sorts, and pulling the wagon), and we accomplished a few "little" jobs (that took up the better part of the weekend.
...cleared this bed of invasive tansy...

...carted away old roots and grass...

...hubby followed my directions to build this rustic fence...

It doubles as a little gate around Margot's "house".

Sunday evening, the satisfaction of sun-kissed skin, dirty hands, and a few jobs checked off the "to-do" list made all the work worthwhile! We wrapped it all up with a simple dinner, baths, then bed for a well-deserved rest.


  1. That sounds like my perfect weekend.

  2. What I meant was "that sounds like my kind of a weekend."

  3. A lovely time! How great to get the kids involved. My son is still to young to "help," but I can't wait until he can. We did lots of yarn clean up this weekend, too, and got my garden ready for planting. Summer, here we come!

    Kelly @ Creating a Family Home

  4. Dirty hands are the sign of a weekend well spent. LOVE that fence! And the wagon photo is a delight. But there's something missing in these photos. Something miniature ;-)


  5. OhI just love the fence. Also I know what you mean about the fresh color on everyone's faces after a busy weekend working outside.
    Warm wishes, Tonya

  6. Love the dirty hands hoisting the wee one.

  7. You have such a knack of capturing special moments. Love the pic of your little girl sitting on her (what I assume to be) Daddy, and the dirty work hands. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I love the fence and the Margots dress! how sweet!

  9. How very sweet! LOVE the rustic fence and of course, having a dear husband to make whatever your creative heart desires, I have one of those too! The tansy!!!! I wish I had invasive tansy! LOVE IT! Would have traded you some evening primrose in a heartbeat.

  10. This is how the gals and I will spend Mother's Day- John is working, and so we will stay home and attack the flower beds!
    End a hard working day with my favourite meal and baths.
    (and I love the photos of your family and the farm)


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