Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Mother's Day Tutorial

This Mother's Day, we gathered at the homestead for an al fresco brunch: quiche, sausage, bacon, strawberry-and-mixed-greens salad, fruit salad, and homemade cinnamon buns. And coffee, of course! The sun shone on our little celebration, mingling with the still-cool breeze.

We made a few simple orange-juice-toasts, to the mothers present: my sister, mother, friend, and me. We toasted those not present, and the mothers who have gone before (namely, my parents' mothers, as well as the mother of my brother-in-law). We also raised our glasses to the stepmothers who raised him, and my husband, through their teens. I felt a slight squeeze in my heart at the thought of my recently departed grandmother; this was our first Mother's Day without her, and I had to keep reminding myself this morning that she would not be making her teetering way up our front path.

I spent Saturday away (that's another blogpost), so my husband had the day to prepare something sweet for the mothers present. Knowing that I photograph every craft we do, he gamely grabbed the camera and took a snap of each step! So, thanks to him, I can share this sweet tutorial with you.

You'll need:
  • wool felt, various colours
  • needle and thread
  • scissors
  • a button
  • a pin or barrette
  • Cut a piece of felt in half lengthwise. Cut another larger piece the same way.
    Fold the strip in half (lengthwise), and sew a running stitch along the open edge.
    Draw chalklines about one inch apart along the folded edge, then snip!
    Older children can do this on their own!
    Pull that running stitch tight, creating a pretty posey!
    Place the smaller rosette on top of the larger one, and either hot glue, or secure with a few stitches.
    Choose a pretty button.
    Add a circle of felt to the centre of the flower, with the button secured on top (either sew or glue these pieces on).
    Glue another felt circle on the back of the flower, then either stitch on a barrette, or a pin.
    Wear with pride, and big smile!
    Knowing that my husband took the time to try a new craft with the kids, photograph it, AND present it to me as a handmade gift made my Mother's Day more than any box of chocolates ever could!
    Wishing all of you mamas out there a restful, blessed day to bask in the love of your children.


  1. Happy Mother's Day to you.

  2. This day will long be remembered by the entire family and perhaps set a precedent for the holidays following: Father’s Day next month...

  3. the craft was amazing but the fact that your dh chronicled it with photos....well, that's priceless. Good man and love the photo of M showing off the finished posey brooches.

  4. Good one, Homestead Boy! I love the posies. I wonder if one might be made for me for my birthday..since I wasn't there on Mother's Day??
    Such a thoughtful man to make it with the kids, AND chronicle the steps for you.
    I missed you all today, and Grandma, too, but so enjoyed our day yesterday.
    Happy Mother's Day!

  5. Fantastic! He's a keeper. ;o) Happy Momma's Day!


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