Thursday, May 26, 2011

Charmed, I'm Sure

What do you call an octopus wearing socks?

A Socktopus, of course!

I know. Words are not necessary to express the absolute charm and pure appeal of this little creation. Photos are quite enough. The rainbow knee sock! The pouffy leg warmer! The WORK SOCK! The tiny turned heels (using short rows), and the rustic stitched face. This little lady positively oozes charm!

To the right, see the pink over-the-knee can't see the black seam up the back, or the sexy little bow at the heel...

The pattern is clearly written, but allows for creative expression. Ideas for the socks came as I knit (the pattern doesn't give specifics), so I'm already hatching plans for the next three I make (my children have been clamouring for their own Socktopi as they watched the birth of this one).

You can imagine the thoughts that go through one's head whilst knitting socks on an octopus:

this is a knee sock, but does an octopus HAVE knees? or a heel for that matter?...a real octopus would need super-elastic socks to keep them up on those rubbery octopus doesn't have to worry if the mate to a sock goes missing!...

And so on. Then I'd catch myself ruminating on the sock-habits of an OCTOPUS for heaven's sake, and smile as only a knitter can.

This little lady is a gift for a friend of Violet's. I can't wait to see her face as she first lays eyes on her very own Socktopus.

It's one of those things: you didn't know you needed one until you get one!


  1. That's the best toy I've seen in ages! You're so talented!

  2. In all your spare time, may I ask for one for my birthday, please?
    I love this crazy thing! The work sock reminds me of John, the rainbow one of you, the pink with the black seam- Grandma, the legwarmer of myself as a teen, etc!
    It would need a pink and purple one to remind me of my daughters, though....

  3. Oh- and the multi-coloured sock reminds me of YOU!

  4. Wasn't the Socktopus fun to make! I wish I had more little people to make more.

  5. I LOVE it... just hilarious!

  6. I'm officially in awe. I *love* it! Lovelovelovelovelove it!

  7. Oh my word. You're right - I NEED a socktopus in my home too. Tonight!

  8. Now - I just have to learn how to knit and this is darn good reason! You may have just turned me! ;o) K


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