Sunday, May 29, 2011


This weekend was Violet's birthday party weekend, for which I have planned and prepared for months: handpainted invitations, fairy-themed food, pushing my husband to build a magnificent gift for her...

Then, I was kidnapped Friday evening, shortly upon my arrival home from work.

My instructions: pack your toothbrush, your clean undies, and a pillow. I left a panicked note to my husband, a to-do list comprised of all my mind's wanderings in regards to Violet's Fairy Tea Party Extraordinaire. I stuck a post-it on the cupcake recipe to be made, and was whisked away to what I like to call "the back arse of nowhere", i.e. Northern Ontario, where the moose wander at will and the mosquitoes are hungry.

Ensconced in a cottage with five wild women, welcomed, embraced, plied with red wine and mojitos, my spirit has been uplifted. My once-per-season retreat took place unexpectedly, "late to the added attraction", just when I needed it most.

I'll coast now for a few months, on the laughter of this past weekend where I learned to let go of this illusion of control I like to think I have.

Thank you, Kidnapper...I needed you more than I knew.


  1. My burning question...did your husband follow the cupcake recipe or did he load up the car and visit the bakery/grocery store!?

  2. Sounds like a perfect weekend!

  3. Sometimes we just have to go with what others know is best for us. I’m glad it renewed and refreshed your soul’s spirit.

  4. Oh, how lucky you are to be kidnapped for such a weekend. Glad you had a great time. Yes, how did the cupcakes go?

  5. Receiving the call that you went after all, made my heart joy-full!!! And what a grand job your husband did. A lesson from the universe that YOU don't need to do it ALL.
    P.S Now, I am dying to see some Fairy Tea Party photos!!!

  6. Sometimes when we are so busy looking after everyone else, it is hard to let someone look after US.
    I know you didn't know that I knew what you needed. :)
    I'm happy that your emotional tank was refueled.
    I will kidnap you anytime-


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